Communication, persistence and knowledge to improve the rating of our site was both excellent and successful.
It was a pleasure to work with Akash

www.stoneswithstyle.co.uk, UK

Excellent Excellent Excellent! Can't rate him highly enough

www.thomaslloydguitars.com.au, Australia

did what he said he would.

www.fashion-sunglasses.co.uk, UK

Great work and great coder, helped to get my site much higher in rankings.

www.shawnlebrunfitness.com, US

Very easy to work with.

www.chiminellocatering.com, US

Great seo expert and very nice person, keeps me posted and up to date with his work.

www.shawnlebrunfitness.com, US

Great communication skills, good business sense, hard worker and patient. Everything you would want in a coder. Recommend him highly.

www.savethedatemagic.com, US

Akash is excellent. Very knowlegable and professional. English is excellent! We will use him on future projects.

www.yourliquidnutrition.com, US

I would not hesitate to recommend nice_webby for his fantastic communication, patience with my understanding, and hard work that he put into my project. He has done a great job on the SEO on my site, and I would definately use nice_webby again, and would recommend you do also. Fantastic value for money.

www.sentientcom.co.uk, US

Akash is quite simply a pleasure to work with. Not only is his technical knowledge excellent but he's extremely self sufficent, able to deliver on complex projects with little or no support. He's english and manner are superb and I cannot recommend him enough, one of the best value freelancers I have ever used without a doubt! :)

www.melville-clinic.co.uk, UK

Akash worked very long and hard on our SEO project, if your in need of an expert do not look past him.

www.pressdigital.com.au, Australia

nice_webby has done an excellent job. We achieved an excellent Google position almost immediately even though it usually takes some months to achieve. We will definitely use him again and will highly recommend. He also is patient and has a nice manner with clients.

www.kosher-certification.org.uk, UK

Nice_Webby did a fantastic job on my SEO project. Akash is very knowledgable and easy to work with. I will be happy to work with him again.

www.promotional-item.net, US

Solid work and patience with our being slow to implement some suggestions. Continued on without need for a lot of guidance, very helpful, thank you!

www.standardstoolbox.com, US

very good, and says what he is going to do and means it.

www.clubbingholidays.org.uk, UK

Coder did a wonderful job and did exactly what we requested him to do. He did thorough research to make sure we had the best search engine optimization. He filled out status reports and updated of all the work that was completed. We will definitely look forward to working with him again.

www.blackhairsociety.com, US

Akash, is one of the best. Our clients site after a short period of time is already getting good position in Google. He is knowledge able and very easy to communicate with. I have outsourced for many years and highly reccomend Akash. - Steve

www.yourliquidnutrition.com, US

Akash, is a very knowlegable and professional SEO expert. I have been looking for someone that is both skillfull and a good comunicator for sometime. We look forward to a long relationship with Akash.

www.yourliquidnutrition.com, US


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