Search Engine Marketing

SEM collectively denote a series of paid and unpaid measures that allow your company to profit from the impressive search engine ranking of your company website. SEM is a broader speciality that includes SEO as a major component amongst its various strategies. SEM techniques that Seoservices247 excels in include:

PPC - Pay Per Click

PPC is a type of search engine marketing process wherein advertisements concerning your business portfolio are placed across the world wide web, in convenient locations wherein your target audience are likely to see this advertisement and click through to your website. You pay depending on the number of clicks made on the published advertisements. These target oriented advertisements attract quality visitors, and improve your website’s ROI.

Affiliate Marketing/ Affiliate Program Management

Affiliate marketing is a type of Internet Marketing practice in which an advertiser pays you for a set of predefined outcomes such as a visitor or user signing up a form or buying the advertiser’s products as advertised on your website. Remember, you will only be paid if the advertiser gains a potential business lead or better, a sale. Our Affiliate Marketing Services include:

  • Dedicated Account managers to manage your Affiliate accounts
  • Separate Vehicles where Merchants can also register
  • Meticulous real time tracking of Affiliate activities
  • Robust, fraud Preventive measures

Banner Advertisement

The oldest form of advertising on the internet, Banner Advertising allows you to advertise your business through catchy banners, deployed through advertising campaigns or banner exchange websites that appeal to your target audience and bring them over to your website, or other mediums of communication and purchase of your products or services.

At Seoservices247, we are all for banners. Why?

  • Attractive banner Ads of various sizes on different content websites are guaranteed to bring in your target, niche audience.
  • Rotating advertisements help improve the positive popularity of your website.
  • Take Control- We provide you monthly report on exposures and click-through rates.
  • Animated, non-animated and flash banners, you name it, we got it!

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the process of sending targeted emails to your permitted (or solicited) recipients list. Email Marketing is a simple, assured and cost effective option to reach and communicate with your potential customers. With the help of email marketing, newsletters, announcements, coupons, press releases, advertisements, online surveys etc can be sent out to your current and potential customers.

At SEOService247 we create quality, attractive emails that work, are cost-effective and target oriented. We also use sophisticated tracking and reporting tools to measure the success of your email marketing campaigns.


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