Local Search Marketing

Thanks to the most cutting edge online technology, the world is progressively becoming smaller. Naturally, businesses have an expansive network of worldwide markets at their disposal, but still, focussing on that local customer is crucial to establishing a reliable brand name. With Local Search Marketing, your business can focus on a smaller geographical area (like a country), and drive business leads that are more relevant to your local business. Even search giants like Google and Yahoo have local search engines (Eg, for India, google.co.in & yahoo.co.in respectively) that cater to the increasingly dominant trend amongst people to search locally.

At SEOServices247, our spin on Local Search Marketing includes:

  • Steadfast focus on your target customer’s decision criteria- What is the user searching for locally? And what factors lead the customer to indulge in this search?
  • Highlight on culturally relevant ads that speak the local language and connect to the local customer on a more comfortable level. Focussing on the local aspects of your business to differentiate it from its more globally connected competitors.
  • Reliance on local listing websites like Google Maps and Yahoo local.


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