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31 Jul

Useful Tips on Social Media Optimization

Posted in Social Media on 31.07.13 by Merlyn

Social Media Optimization is an important for any business for promotion. We all perform social media for our business, however it is not the only the social media which drives readers and visitors to your business, it is optimized social media which helps you get traffic, Some essential point to note down before we start with social media optimization

  1. Profiles: Always have your social media profile pages completed including name, correct address, phone numbers and the required information.
  2. Socialize: Most of us do set up business page on Facebook, Google Plus and other social media sites; however we do not socialize via these pages. It is very important that you should invite friends and acquaintances to like your business page. Regular updates regarding your business and industry on your page will engage readership for your page.
  3. Use of photos, Videos: A survey shows that an image is more likely to be liked and shared by social media users as compared to plain text. The chances of a video going viral are higher as compared to plain written conversation.
  4. Probe readers to share your content: Always add ‘share’ button to your posts and all the content to make it viral earlier.
  5. Use of keywords: Use of keywords in your content for social media will help enhancing your search engine rankings as researches shows that businesses that perform social media optimization have higher chances of getting ranked well.
  6. Watch your regular visitor: This will help you post more and more appealing content on your business pages, tracking your visitor’s activities will help you develop a social media optimization strategy for your business.
  7. Be innovative and interesting: It is very boring to read same news or same quote, suggestion, recommendation in same format all over the places, by being innovative you can engage your visitor and also increase the chances of your content being shared.
  8. Visit other profiles and pages: For good networking, it is always suggested to communicate with your fellow group members, fellow page likers and involve in hot discussions which will also help you share your knowledge and gain knowledge through these discussions as it is said that ‘knowledge will never grow if you keep it with you’
  9. Be engaging: Remember, you page is not just for, there are people in your network who likes your page who not only wants to know about but also suggest you and recommend you in changes to your business and services so always make a point that you should post engaging content, like asking some questions, offering some free services or start a virtual competitions making your group to spend time on you page.

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14 Jul

How was Social Media born and evolved

Posted in Internet Marketing on 14.07.13 by Merlyn


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