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07 Jan

Reputation Management: One of the Key roles of SEO

Posted in Internet Marketing on 07.01.13 by Merlyn

It feels great writing after such a long time, the incident occurred to me about last month ago and the challenges we faced with the client and the website made me write this post.
December 2012, I was relieved as it was after 4 years that I planned for a full Christmas vacation, ready to hit Ooty with my close friends and family but as they say, everything will never go as planned so here I receive an email on 23rd December 2012 from a friend referring my SEO Services to his client whose site was hit by negative publicity with a request to look into the matter urgently as the business was about some Gardens in Ireland and the site and promotion needs to be rectified before springs starts in Ireland which is before first week of February 2013.
Believe me, it was very difficult to make my family (especially the kid) understand the criticality of the situation and reason to postpone the vacation (I can

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30 Mar

Choosing a Domain Name

Posted in Internet Marketing, SEO on 30.03.11 by Merlyn

I still remember when I was working with a client and had suggested him to change the domain name of his site from his brand name to its main keyword as a part of my SEO recommendation. The client was not happily ready for this suggestion and therefore moved further to other SEO specialists within forums and groups to seek second opinion on my recommendation. To my surprise, 99 % of his fellow group members supported my recommendation which made me to write this post and share some points to be remembered of while choosing a new domain.

Domains with your main keyword in it are the best domains if available as they will help the higher rankings of your site earlier compared to others. Also an important point which should be noted is that the keyword should be at the start of new domain e.g. if your main keyword is ‘dog food’, then your domain name can be or and so on instead of or

Avoid using misspellings domain as search engines are smart enough to get you caught using misspellings for your domains. Similarly use of hyphens or dash in your domain is less useful as it rarely helps you with the increase in ranking over the continuous keyword. Moreover the hyphen cannot be spoken off easily and thus do not help in brand development.

Keep the length of your domain as short as possible unless you get your most powerful keyword in long domain name.

Try to get .com domain names over .org and .net, the preference should be as .com followed by .org followed by .net, try to get global domain by paying little extra instead of country specific domains unless your services are restricted to a particular country.

Get a domain which is easily memorable over the domain name which cannot be understood.

To get more information on choosing a SEO friendly domain name, connect me here.

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10 Feb

Google joins twitter to make real time search a reality

Posted in Google Updates on 10.02.10 by Merlyn

Organic rankings are always the cheapest and the best way to bring people to a website. This is the dream of every SEO expert to place his or her website on top of major search engine result pages. But most of them always wonder how to achieve this goal in conjunction with the ever changing algorithm of major search engines and competitive market. The traditional methods used by most of the SEOs are not enough in such a cut throat competition and in the light of tough search engines algorithm, it is difficult to adjust to each and every new changes.

One of the recent developments in SEO is that Google has decided to introduce real time search in its algorithm. This means that a user will be given more informed search results when he searches for a keyword. One of the recent developments in this field is that Google has made some sort of contract with social media marketing giant Twitter. This deal is about the form search in twitter. This deal is the step taken by Google after Bing made a contract with Facebook which has almost 6 times more visitors than twitter. According to this deal, twitter will provide information to Google to incorporate more and more real time data. Earlier Google too on there side increased the frequency of crawling a webpage.

The deal though is just the first step in bringing more and more real time search, but will surely start a new domain in this field. SEO experts will have to look at these social media sites more precisely. They always have proved very useful but with these new deals, they can change the whole face of website optimization techniques. Also real time search is helpful to end customers as he can expect to get exact, accurate and updated data. So more faith in organic search results will grow among end users.

Hence it is the right time to switch towards these methods of optimization. Building a large campaign on social media sites can not only help you bring potential customers but will also help you get good SERP which is the ultimate goal of every SEO expert.

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20 Dec

Some Insights of Convergence Optimization

Posted in Google Updates on 20.12.09 by Merlyn

There was a time when if a website ranked high in search engine result pages, mainly SEO services provided to the website were considered to be a success. But later on slowly the target moved to the traffic. Even if a website rank high in search engine result pages but do not get enough traffic, the efforts tken by the SEO experts were not sufficient. In the current scenario the focus has further moved on good quality traffic from simple traffic. Hence now the number of visitors coming to the website does not really matter a lot. What matters is the number of quality visitors who get converted into your potential customer. The type of SEO activities which helps in converting visitors into potential customers is termed as “Convergence Optimization“.

Many webmasters still think that organic traffic is free traffic and increase in the number determines success for SEO efforts. But this believe needs a slight modification as the success should really be counted if you are able to maintain the leads by visits ratio i.e. suppose if the number of visits to a website increases from 2000 to 3000 in the time span of a month. The number of leads or quality customers to the website increased from 100 to 125. The leads by visits ratio for these two scenarios are respectively 5% and 4.16%. So we can see that the number of visits to the website has increased but proportionally the number of leads or potential customers has not increased.

This is where convergence optimization comes into play. A real expert SEO professional knows how to increase the number of leads along with increasing the number of visitors. A constant effort in improving the quality of the website can be an important factor in convergence optimization. You should build enough resources on your website to keep the visitors busy. Using flash videos, opinion polls etc are some of the trusted techniques to do so. Apart from this brand building also plays an important role in convergence optimization. If your website is popular interested people will automatically come to your website.

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