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31 Jan

PPC tricks for better results

Posted in Pay Per Click on 31.01.10 by Merlyn

Lead generation is not a big deal but converting most of your visitors to customers is a major issue. It is said by many experts that if your site has a bounce rate of less than 20% or the visitor to customer rate is more than 25% then your optimization techniques are on the right path. But how many sites are there who achieve these stats? There are rare sites achieving these figures. Especially the problem comes with PPC i.e. Pay Per Click. Companies are investing huge amount in PPC campaigns, but the output is rarely positive. Here are some basic points to be considered while designing your PPC campaign:

1)    One of the most important points to consider before designing your PPC campaign is your keyword research. Keywords are the prime source of any search in the search engines, hence, until and unless you know which keyword to target in the add, it will be very difficult to place your add.
2)    Try to add you contact details like web address and contact number in the add. This can save your money as people can directly visit your website using the URL instead of clicking the link.

3)    It is very important to properly design the landing page of your add. For example, if your add is about selling toys and your landing page is the home page of your website which sells many products including toys, then that is not an intelligent decision. Your landing page in this situation should be the final apply page where payment should be made.
It is not only about placing your PPC ads on number of keywords, but the way you design your add also matters a lot. Many a times you will end up in having impressions of your add but you will have very less clicks. This can be averted using proper ad designing methods.

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30 Dec

Pay Per Click – PPC – An Introduction

Posted in Pay Per Click on 30.12.09 by Merlyn

PPC or pay per click is a method of advertising in which the advertising company puts its text Ad, banner or other method of advertising on the website and pays to the website for every click that is made. The amount to be paid varies and is dependent upon various factors. The most important of them is the popularity of the website on which the ad has been placed.

Other major factors include the popularity of the keyword for which the advertisement is being done. If the keyword is very popular then the competition will be very high. So the advertiser will charge very high for this type of popular keywords. Major Websites which does PPC are popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Other than these, Facebook is also getting popular as a PPC hosting destination. Google as well other search engines charge the advertising company on a bid basis i.e. the advertising company will bid for the position of their ad.

Mostly the highest bid will be placed on top of the search or the best Ad with highest Quality Score and maximum number of clicks will get the top position. The PPC advertisement can be seen on Google on the right hand side of search result page as sponsored results.
PPC is getting popularity as the investment on paid search can be really worth if the advertisement campaign is designed in a smart manner. The website which is appearing in the organic search results as well as sponsored results is having higher chances of getting click on their PPC campaign. So SEO mixed with PPC is much more worth as compared to only running PPC campaign. Also the keyword selection is very important for running PPC as the ad should be present only for the keywords which your site targets for. Using irrelevant keywords can be a loss as you may expect low quality traffic for such keywords.

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18 Dec

PPC or SEO – Which is better?

Posted in Google Updates on 18.12.09 by Merlyn

PPC (Pay per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are the two different and most important forms of Internet Marketing. All the online marketers have different opinion on which type of marketing techniques to use. Some of them aggressively go for PPC as it is a good option to keep a website on top page of the major search engines for desired keywords, while SEO is a long term process and takes some time, say months to make a website perform well in search engine results page.

Some basic properties of the two marketing strategies are given below:

PPC: Traffic comes through users or visitors clicking on an advertisement. Every time a click is made, the owner has to pay for it. The position where an ad is placed is decided by the bidding process. For a particular keyword depending upon the bidding the advertisements are arranged with highest bidder mostly at the top position or the Ad which is performing well. All major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. has this feature of keeping sponsored ads.

SEO: Various factors which are taken into account by search engines for placing a website in top positions for a keyword can be altered to meet the requirements of search engines. These activities come under SEO techniques. If compared to PPC, SEO is a long term process and for a new website it can take months to rank well on search results. The factors that can be changed include the site content, the actual coding of a site and the inbound links which point to any page of the website.

Whatever is the marketing technique used by a website, but it should be made clear that the ultimate goal is to gain potential customers. PPC is an expensive deal and really needs good capital supply to sustain good position. On the other hand, SEO is a slow process but can really be more fruitful. You do not have to pay anything to search engines to rank you on top position. So if you word hard initially in a well planned manner along with a good SEO services provider, it can really be fruitful to you in future.

Many experts have an opinion that if we run PPC campaign on search engines, their organic rankings also increase, This issue is always a topic of debate between experts, but its a fact that if a website has good organic rankings on search engines then running a PPC campaign is dual advantage for the website to impress visitors.

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23 Nov

On-Page Optimization Tips

Posted in SEO on 23.11.09 by Merlyn

On-page optimization plays an important role in ranking a website in major SERPs. Its involvement starts right from selecting a proper domain name, page names, title, Meta description & Meta keyword creation, content optimization, etc. On page has equivalent value as compared to off-page and it can really affect your search engine positions. Some important tips regarding on-page optimization are given below:

1. The Title tag plays a very important role in defining the value of a site. Google considers it as a very important parameter to create its SERP (Search Engine Result Page). An ideal title should be 65 characters or less. Though there is no limitation in the size of title, but it is wastage to have a long title as most of the search engines do not cache more than 65 characters. The title of a website can be seen in result pages with the search keywords being highlighted. So a perfect keyword research should be done before designing the title. This will assure a better position in search engines.

2. Search engines other than Google give great importance to meta description and meta keywords. Google does not consider in its search algorithm. So in order to rank well in other search engines, it is important to design a well planned and informative description. Though this information is not visible to viewers, but search engine bots while crawling go through them. The size of description should be 160 characters or less.

3. Try to use all your targeted keywords in title. The priority goes to first word and so on. So use your major keywords first followed by secondary ones. Also do not repeat keywords in title. This can make search engines assume that you are trying to spam your website and can even ban you.

4. The targeted keywords should be uniformly distributed in the body of webpage. HTML tags like header tags and bold tags should be used in the content part. The phrase or words in header tags are given more preference than normal text. Similarly keywords should be bolded in pages such that it catches eye of the viewer. It is also taken into account by the search engines. But care should be taken as too much of highlighting the primary keywords or phrase can be declared as spamming and can go against you.

5. Most important of all above mentioned points is the quality of website. How much informative your website is for viewers coming there. Is it just a promotional site or it has all information related to the keyword it is targeting? Also search engine bots cannot read flash and images. But it does not mean that you should give only text content in your webpage. Visual effects like images and videos attract people’s attraction. So it should be there in proper proportion. In order to make it usable for search engines, it is advisable to give alt text for these visuals. This alt text is used by search engines as an alternative to the visual effects.

6. The search engines start reading a webpage from left hand top corner. So using your primary keyword at this part is a very nice way to tell these search engine bots that your site is really aiming at the keyword.
Some knowledge and some research can really help a website as far as on-page optimization is considered. So a well planned and active SEO services should be hired to do it as it can play a major role in SEO.

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