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09 May

Long Tail Keywords and PPC

Posted in Pay Per Click on 09.05.10 by Merlyn

Long tail keywords are now a days very popular among companies running PPC worldwide. Earlier PPC campaigns were designed by checking the total popularity of any keyword. Various search count tools available was very helpful in this. Still this is a very popular way to find the keywords for any campaign. But in recent times there has been a steep increase in long tail keywords as they are getting more and more clicks from visitors.

Recent stats have shown an increase in the clicks of long tail keywords as compared to short keywords. So if you have a company selling toys, then running a PPC campaign for “I want to buy kids toys” is more effective than for simple “Kids toys”. Visitors now a day have become very smart and want to search only specific things. The increase in the volume of long tail keywords is a proof for this. In USA the number of searches for long tail keywords has increased and can easily be understood by the table below.

Long tail keywords and PPC

Long tail keywords and PPC

Experian, which is a leading data provider, said that the increase in searches for long tail keywords has increased by 60% in last three months. So you can easily get an idea how effective a PPC campaign can be if you follow these long tail keywords. The other benefit of such keywords is that the bidding for top positions is very low. So you can easily target a larger volume of keywords with less investment.

There are basically two approaches to long-tail paid campaign: source as many keywords as possible of relevant keywords so that you can capture them all as exact matches, or rely on the broad and phrase matches to trigger the tail searches. A much better approach is to go with the mixture of both. Recent stats from search engine giant Google revealed that about 25% of the total search keywords are brand new. So you can easily get an idea of the growth in market and a need to optimize your PPC campaign. It is very important to understand the market before running any paid campaign to get the most out of your investment.

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31 Jan

PPC tricks for better results

Posted in Pay Per Click on 31.01.10 by Merlyn

Lead generation is not a big deal but converting most of your visitors to customers is a major issue. It is said by many experts that if your site has a bounce rate of less than 20% or the visitor to customer rate is more than 25% then your optimization techniques are on the right path. But how many sites are there who achieve these stats? There are rare sites achieving these figures. Especially the problem comes with PPC i.e. Pay Per Click. Companies are investing huge amount in PPC campaigns, but the output is rarely positive. Here are some basic points to be considered while designing your PPC campaign:

1)    One of the most important points to consider before designing your PPC campaign is your keyword research. Keywords are the prime source of any search in the search engines, hence, until and unless you know which keyword to target in the add, it will be very difficult to place your add.
2)    Try to add you contact details like web address and contact number in the add. This can save your money as people can directly visit your website using the URL instead of clicking the link.

3)    It is very important to properly design the landing page of your add. For example, if your add is about selling toys and your landing page is the home page of your website which sells many products including toys, then that is not an intelligent decision. Your landing page in this situation should be the final apply page where payment should be made.
It is not only about placing your PPC ads on number of keywords, but the way you design your add also matters a lot. Many a times you will end up in having impressions of your add but you will have very less clicks. This can be averted using proper ad designing methods.

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