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13 Dec

Google BLOOP

Posted in Google Updates on 13.12.09 by Merlyn

A Google BLOOP (Backlink Over Optimization Penalty) is a result of some poor SEO services provided. It is called as a penalty because Google gets strict with a website if it found doing any anti SEO activities. These activities can include a very aggressive link building campaign used by a SEO expert.

Building too many backlinks in a very short time or using the same or similar anchor text terms in all of the links is also a reason for Google’s BLOOP. These types of activities give an impression that the website might be using spamming techniques to perform well in the search rankings. Other factors include the use of same or similar sort of IP address for websites promotion. It gives an impression to Google that special promotion activities are being carried out by SEO experts rather than improving the quality of website.

If a website is found as a culprit of BLOOP, Google punishes it by causing significant link devaluation and major loss in Google search rankings. If the effect is severe then in some cases all the webpages of the website can be affected. Google considers excessive backlink manipulation as an attempt to artificially raise the rankings of a website.

To solve a BLOOP problem, a website needs to contact good SEO services provider. Some of the steps needed to get out of BLOOP is the use of different anchor text (or keyword phrases) in link building campaign. Try to get some backlinks from a trusted site. If the site has .edu or .gov extension, then it is an added advantage. A step by step use of proper SEO techniques is what needed to get rid of such a state.

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