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04 May

Customer Interaction – Some Ways to Increase it

Posted in SEO on 04.05.10 by Merlyn

There’s no other opinion that content is the king for any website but is it enough to take your business to a peak? The absolute answer is ‘no’. Good quality content is very essential to make a website attractive to the new as well as regular visitors but if you are not able to make your website interactive, be sure that visitors will hesitate in returning back to your website. You should have enough resources in the website to make visitors share their views. Below are some tools that you can use to make your website more attractive and visitor friendly:

  • Create forums

Creating a forum about the topic your business deals is a very good option to increase people’s interaction. Forum is a place where you can discuss your views and opinions about a subject matter. It is very helpful as you will get to know about your customers, their views and opinions. This will help you make your business more user friendly. There are many free forum softwares available. Some of these are: phpBB, punBB, phorum etc.

  • Polls and Surveys

Polls and surveys are a very good way to know your potential customers. You can ask about your competitors indirectly from your customers and hence it will be very useful for you and your business. Also you can know the typical behavior of your customers by asking general questions. In order to make it more effective you can have some gifts offered to your visitors for completing the survey or the poll. This will encourage your customers to answer your questions more accurately.

  • Random Link

Never try to concentrate only on the area you are expert in. This means that offering any product or service related to your product or service is a very good option. The best way to design the website is by completing the whole product cycle. Try to know that where the customer will go after buying a product from your website or from where a visitor will come to your website to buy a product. After making this research you can place such links on your website. Hence your visitors will get the complete product on your website increasing the trust level of your website.

  • Blogs

Blogs are generally a place where a product will be explained. Generally experts in the field will share their opinion and will provide an option to customers to share their comments. This is also very interactive as you can get a pulse of the market where your product is popular.

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2 comments on this topic

  1. Buy SEO Services says:

    Valuable information! I am looking forward to get some more info from your notes.

    1. Laksya says:

      Great ways to interact with customers. Social media websites are great platform to interact with customers. You must create forums so that customers take part in it.