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14 Jan

Google Yourself

Posted in Google Updates on 14.01.14 by Merlyn

<div class=’visually_embed’><img class=’visually_embed_infographic’ src=’’ alt=’Google Yourself’ /><div class=’visually_embed_cycle’><span>by </span><a target=’_blank’ href=’’>JBukovski</a>. <br/>Explore more <a href=’’>infographics</a> like this one on the web’s largest information design community – <a href=’’>Visually</a>.</div><script type=’text/javascript’ src=’′ class=’visually_embed_script’ id=’visually_embed_script_101892′></script></div>

A classic info-graphic on what Google knows about you. The survey is conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project and it shows that 75% of adults have plunked their own names into search engines.


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13 Jan

Flight Search by Google

Posted in Google Updates, SEO on 13.01.14 by Merlyn

Flight search is another good feature by Google. Flight search by Google enable users to compare flight details especially prices by various airlines at a given point of time. It was started by Google exclusively for US airlines to perform trip planning and gained enormous value to purchase multiple tickets. It also enables you to quickly view the costs to different airports from your home town.

Due to good response, this service was then initiated by Google in other countries such as UK, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands in May 2013 with 8 different languages such as English, French, Italian, Spanish, Basque, Catalan, Galician and Dutch and their respective currencies. This feature is now extended in Ireland including Ryanair, major airline in Ireland.

Google is currently not charging airlines for this feature and derives all the revenue through advertisements. The bad thing is that it is not around the globe, however there is news that Google plans to take it around the globe.

Like other useful Google feature, we wish “Flight Search” feature to attain same level of success.

For further information on Google features and other search engine related queries and other seo services contact me at [email protected]

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04 Apr

Content Marketing- Keep it Original and Relevant

Posted in Google Updates, Internet Marketing, SEO on 04.04.13 by Merlyn

As they say, content is King, yes true, content is King, With recent and periodic updates from Google and other search engines, we have become really careful with the type of content we write and publish on Internet.

Content we post on Internet say a lot about us, our company and our work ethics, Researches show that 60% of companies develop their positive image with their positive content online and offline and that really makes sense, imagine yourself purchasing a product online or even offline and if we come across a negative content about company, product or services , 99% are the chances that we will not go for it. Quality matters to us to an extent that we are willing to pay extra to get high quality services.

With recent algo updates on all the search engines, search engines are also paying extra attention to the quality of content, and with them originality of content is the best quality content, whatever you write, where ever you write, write original, make them realize it is your thought process laid on the paper.

Another important factor to maintain content quality is to link it to a relevant source, it is very irritating for a user to read a content on “health” and is linked to a site selling “home based business”, similar relevancy fundamentals are applied to search engines making user experience excellent.

So pay little extra, get original content with relevant links and rule.

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05 Apr

Google page rank update in 2010

Posted in Google Updates on 05.04.10 by Merlyn

Google has updated its page rank across World Wide Web on April 3, 2010. This again alarmed the webmasters across the world. Many pages have seen a sudden raise in its PR but there are very few websites who’s PR has increased with a very high figure. With the inclusion of caffeine in Google’s search algorithm, webmasters were worried as they predicted that the Caffeine may also bring changes in PR calculation algorithm. But this was not the case as most of them got PR as they expected. But before the PR updates most of the webmasters were unaware of this update. Many of them predicted the update to be around in May 2010, but the exact time was a mystery to everyone. If you are a frequent reader of Matt Cutt’s blog, you can get some idea about any changes which Google has made or is planning to make in its search algorithm. In the same way you can also predict the exact period of PR update. Google has become very smart and it’s last two PR update was done on holidays (last update on 31st December 2009 which was a Christmas holiday and the last one on 3rd April which was a Ester holiday). According to some blogs, the schedule of PR update in 2010 has already been decided by Google and the schedule is:

1) April 2010

2) July 2010

3) October 2010

Though these predictions are not confirmed by Google yet one can trust them with small variation of about 15 to 20 days. So any webmaster who is unhappy as his or her PR was not updated on 3rd April 2010 can work to aim the July update. Though till now there is no update by Google in its PR calculation algorithm but you can expect some changes in the July update. So for webmasters it is necessary to follow the Caffeine algorithm as it is sure that the update will be very much oriented towards Caffeine.

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10 Feb

Google joins twitter to make real time search a reality

Posted in Google Updates on 10.02.10 by Merlyn

Organic rankings are always the cheapest and the best way to bring people to a website. This is the dream of every SEO expert to place his or her website on top of major search engine result pages. But most of them always wonder how to achieve this goal in conjunction with the ever changing algorithm of major search engines and competitive market. The traditional methods used by most of the SEOs are not enough in such a cut throat competition and in the light of tough search engines algorithm, it is difficult to adjust to each and every new changes.

One of the recent developments in SEO is that Google has decided to introduce real time search in its algorithm. This means that a user will be given more informed search results when he searches for a keyword. One of the recent developments in this field is that Google has made some sort of contract with social media marketing giant Twitter. This deal is about the form search in twitter. This deal is the step taken by Google after Bing made a contract with Facebook which has almost 6 times more visitors than twitter. According to this deal, twitter will provide information to Google to incorporate more and more real time data. Earlier Google too on there side increased the frequency of crawling a webpage.

The deal though is just the first step in bringing more and more real time search, but will surely start a new domain in this field. SEO experts will have to look at these social media sites more precisely. They always have proved very useful but with these new deals, they can change the whole face of website optimization techniques. Also real time search is helpful to end customers as he can expect to get exact, accurate and updated data. So more faith in organic search results will grow among end users.

Hence it is the right time to switch towards these methods of optimization. Building a large campaign on social media sites can not only help you bring potential customers but will also help you get good SERP which is the ultimate goal of every SEO expert.

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08 Jan

Google Caffeine updates for SEO experts

Posted in Google Updates on 08.01.10 by Merlyn

Google new search algorithm Caffeine is ready to be launched. Some of the data centers have been updated with the new algorithm. But no one knows clearly when all 50 acres of their massive servers will be fully updated with Caffeine. According to Matt Cutt, Google was to be fully launched after end of holidays. So the time has arrived for major changes in SERP’s. Most of the SEO experts and webmasters are unaware of Caffeine algorithm. According to a survey, almost 8 out of 10 websites are not prepared for Caffeine. The major reason is the lack of proper knowledge. Some basic points which this new algorithm will cover are given below:

1) Content matters a lot – Content has always been great importance in search engine’s algorithm. This trend is going to get important and for Caffeine content should be relevant to a site’s core theme or the product. Putting the major keyword in the first few words of your website can really play an important role. The tune of the website should be singe and websites targeting more than 1 keyword or theme may get a back seat in new algorithm.

2) Site/page download time – The time for the website to upload fully has been a parameter in Google’s algorithm. But now Caffeine will give more importance to this point. Many web pages fail to fulfill these criteria even though they have very much relevant content. Google’s Caffeine will be strict to these websites this time and will not hesitate to throw them back in SERP.

3) Site or domain age not a big factor – In the earlier algorithm, site domain age was considered as an important factor in deciding SERP. But this point will be less important in the new algorithm. So even if you have a new website and have relevant information, you can provide good competition to your competitors.

4) Real Time Social Media Searches: Caffeine will add a new dimension to Social Media Marketing. It will start ‘Real Time’ social media search results and the will increase emphasis on Social Media Marketing and strategy. So promotions on social media sites like Twitter and other newsworthy blogs can really help a website in getting good SERP ranking.

No one is actually sure how much the new algorithm is going to chance the search engine scenario. But it is for sure that SEO experts should be ready to make changes in their optimization techniques if they have to retain their positions or get good position when Caffeine is fully launched.

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04 Jan

Convergence optimization-Some reasons for low convergence

Posted in Google Updates on 04.01.10 by Merlyn

It generally happens that the rate of increase and the number of visitors is much higher than the rate of increase in conversions. It is frustrating for a website owner. There are probably many reasons why your website is not able to convert visitors into leads. Most of the SEO experts target performing well in search engines and never care about the quality of visitors. There are some errors which SEO experts generally do. Knowing them can really make the conversion rate increase to some extent:

The Ad should be more focused

Most of the advertisements are focused on the clicks. These ads should be present on relevant websites. For example, placing add of a toy selling website on a medical site can bring you traffic. But this act can never bring quality traffic to your website. So the add should be placed on sites which are either doing your job or somewhat similar to yours. Similarly while designing PPC care should be taken to use only relevant keywords. If your site appears on sponsored links for non-relevant keywords then it is a real wastage of money as well as your hard work.

Provide your customers with options

You should always know that the product you are selling will always have very competition in market. There will be many website will be selling the item. An intelligent customer will first look for all the offers in front of him. So giving some attractive offers can really be useful to retain the customer. Giving coupons on coupon hosting site is a better option. Similarly offers like rebate on bulk buying are also a better choice. Customers should be convinced that the product you offer is best in among the available.

Present yourself as a responsible website

You should always target at retaining the customers. A person who buys a toy from your website and finds it effective enough will surely return back to your website. So the service provided to him should be good enough to convince that you are a respectable website. Options like book marking etc. should be present on the website so that it becomes easy for a customer to return back when he needs. Similarly newsletters should be sent to existing customers at regular intervals to retain them. Hence the service you provide at the first visit will really decide whether the customer is going to come back to the website again or not.

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26 Dec

The mystery of Google Page Rank

Posted in Google Updates on 26.12.09 by Merlyn

Page rank algorithm used by Google is to measure the importance of a web page. This importance is relative to the other similar web pages on internet. Lets say there are two websites ‘A’ and ‘B’ both selling toys for kids. Site ‘A’ has a page rank ‘0’ whereas site ‘B’ has a page rank of ‘2’. Then one can conclude that site ‘B’ is better than site ‘A’ in what they are doing i.e. selling child toys.

The page rank ranges from 0 to 10. Page rank of 0 means that the site is either new or is not properly maintained. More high the page rank is better the site is with respect to its competitors. A page rank of 10 is very rare and is generally given to websites which has a very high commitment towards users. Some government sites, institutional sites etc. has attained this landmark. Page rank is generally updated by Google in a non uniform interval. Sometimes the update is done in a span of a month whereas there have been situations where it took about 4 months for Google to update its page rank. Some sites even have no page rank information available. This means that either the page has not been cached by Google or the page is a new one and was published after Google updated the page rank.

The algorithm used by Google to update page rank is still a mystery. But there is a huge importance to backlinks in page rank building. If a website has backlinks from high PR sites then there is a huge chance that its page rank will be very high. Also what matters here is relevancy. So backlinks from sites doing same work what you are doing can be a great advantage for you in page rank building. The relevancy of anchor text used to et these backlinks also matters a lot for getting PR. The keyword or phrase used to get the backlink should be properly researched. It would be best if you use your primary keyword as anchor text.

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20 Dec

Some Insights of Convergence Optimization

Posted in Google Updates on 20.12.09 by Merlyn

There was a time when if a website ranked high in search engine result pages, mainly SEO services provided to the website were considered to be a success. But later on slowly the target moved to the traffic. Even if a website rank high in search engine result pages but do not get enough traffic, the efforts tken by the SEO experts were not sufficient. In the current scenario the focus has further moved on good quality traffic from simple traffic. Hence now the number of visitors coming to the website does not really matter a lot. What matters is the number of quality visitors who get converted into your potential customer. The type of SEO activities which helps in converting visitors into potential customers is termed as “Convergence Optimization“.

Many webmasters still think that organic traffic is free traffic and increase in the number determines success for SEO efforts. But this believe needs a slight modification as the success should really be counted if you are able to maintain the leads by visits ratio i.e. suppose if the number of visits to a website increases from 2000 to 3000 in the time span of a month. The number of leads or quality customers to the website increased from 100 to 125. The leads by visits ratio for these two scenarios are respectively 5% and 4.16%. So we can see that the number of visits to the website has increased but proportionally the number of leads or potential customers has not increased.

This is where convergence optimization comes into play. A real expert SEO professional knows how to increase the number of leads along with increasing the number of visitors. A constant effort in improving the quality of the website can be an important factor in convergence optimization. You should build enough resources on your website to keep the visitors busy. Using flash videos, opinion polls etc are some of the trusted techniques to do so. Apart from this brand building also plays an important role in convergence optimization. If your website is popular interested people will automatically come to your website.

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18 Dec

PPC or SEO – Which is better?

Posted in Google Updates on 18.12.09 by Merlyn

PPC (Pay per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are the two different and most important forms of Internet Marketing. All the online marketers have different opinion on which type of marketing techniques to use. Some of them aggressively go for PPC as it is a good option to keep a website on top page of the major search engines for desired keywords, while SEO is a long term process and takes some time, say months to make a website perform well in search engine results page.

Some basic properties of the two marketing strategies are given below:

PPC: Traffic comes through users or visitors clicking on an advertisement. Every time a click is made, the owner has to pay for it. The position where an ad is placed is decided by the bidding process. For a particular keyword depending upon the bidding the advertisements are arranged with highest bidder mostly at the top position or the Ad which is performing well. All major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. has this feature of keeping sponsored ads.

SEO: Various factors which are taken into account by search engines for placing a website in top positions for a keyword can be altered to meet the requirements of search engines. These activities come under SEO techniques. If compared to PPC, SEO is a long term process and for a new website it can take months to rank well on search results. The factors that can be changed include the site content, the actual coding of a site and the inbound links which point to any page of the website.

Whatever is the marketing technique used by a website, but it should be made clear that the ultimate goal is to gain potential customers. PPC is an expensive deal and really needs good capital supply to sustain good position. On the other hand, SEO is a slow process but can really be more fruitful. You do not have to pay anything to search engines to rank you on top position. So if you word hard initially in a well planned manner along with a good SEO services provider, it can really be fruitful to you in future.

Many experts have an opinion that if we run PPC campaign on search engines, their organic rankings also increase, This issue is always a topic of debate between experts, but its a fact that if a website has good organic rankings on search engines then running a PPC campaign is dual advantage for the website to impress visitors.

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