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31 Jul

Useful Tips on Social Media Optimization

Posted in Social Media on 31.07.13 by Merlyn

Social Media Optimization is an important for any business for promotion. We all perform social media for our business, however it is not the only the social media which drives readers and visitors to your business, it is optimized social media which helps you get traffic, Some essential point to note down before we start with social media optimization

  1. Profiles: Always have your social media profile pages completed including name, correct address, phone numbers and the required information.
  2. Socialize: Most of us do set up business page on Facebook, Google Plus and other social media sites; however we do not socialize via these pages. It is very important that you should invite friends and acquaintances to like your business page. Regular updates regarding your business and industry on your page will engage readership for your page.
  3. Use of photos, Videos: A survey shows that an image is more likely to be liked and shared by social media users as compared to plain text. The chances of a video going viral are higher as compared to plain written conversation.
  4. Probe readers to share your content: Always add ‘share’ button to your posts and all the content to make it viral earlier.
  5. Use of keywords: Use of keywords in your content for social media will help enhancing your search engine rankings as researches shows that businesses that perform social media optimization have higher chances of getting ranked well.
  6. Watch your regular visitor: This will help you post more and more appealing content on your business pages, tracking your visitor’s activities will help you develop a social media optimization strategy for your business.
  7. Be innovative and interesting: It is very boring to read same news or same quote, suggestion, recommendation in same format all over the places, by being innovative you can engage your visitor and also increase the chances of your content being shared.
  8. Visit other profiles and pages: For good networking, it is always suggested to communicate with your fellow group members, fellow page likers and involve in hot discussions which will also help you share your knowledge and gain knowledge through these discussions as it is said that ‘knowledge will never grow if you keep it with you’
  9. Be engaging: Remember, you page is not just for, there are people in your network who likes your page who not only wants to know about but also suggest you and recommend you in changes to your business and services so always make a point that you should post engaging content, like asking some questions, offering some free services or start a virtual competitions making your group to spend time on you page.

social media tips

For more information on social media optimization, contact me at [email protected]

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26 Jul

Blogging Blogging Blogging

Posted in Internet Marketing, SEO on 26.07.13 by Merlyn

Where ever I go, whomever I talk with, in my network and friends, everybody talk about content and we all know that regular and fresh content can be best provided through blogs. It can be your personal blog or a company blog; you have your Web blog as the best tool to place useful and relevant content for your visitors. You have the power to attract more and more readers to your blog through quality content and engage them to like, share and comment on your posts. And this comes only when you Blog in a regular manner, interact with your readers, promote your Blogs through all possible channels, etc. Some benefits of blogging includes:

  1. Connectivity: Blog is a best means of communications with the customers to inform them about upcoming events, new product launch and their details, It can also be used to upload latest pictures and images of the product or company event.
  2. Feedback: With the advantages mentioned above, blog also helps to receive feedback from readers, customers about a certain product, service or event.
  3. Easy to use: Blogging is easiest method of penning down and it is your space which can be used to express your own ideas, opinions.
  4. Fun to read: I have came across so many blogs which are real fun to use, we visit such blogs frequently to get their updates.
  5. Easily available: Blogs are easily available to the blogger on PC, Laptop, Tablet and even phone and hence blogging can be performed from anywhere you just need your system and internet connectivity.
  6. Self Satisfaction: Blogging has become an important part of any business today. Not only business, blogging is also a hobby and source of income for so many bloggers.

Benefits of Blogging can also be explained as:

blogging benefits

By carefully marketing your post or the blog can help a blogger reach substantial number of audiences. To get more information on how on blogging successfully contact me at [email protected]


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24 Jul

Keyword Research: Targeting Visits or Targeting Customers

Posted in SEO on 24.07.13 by Merlyn

Keyword research is that important step of SEO process which if performed appropriately can get your site relevant visits and targeted customers for the business.

If you have just launched your website or your business is new, I would suggest optimizing your site with keywords which are more specific to your business and the region you are providing your services. For example, if your business provides video production services in Melbourne and adjoining areas, it is good to use keyword ‘video production melbourne’ instead of just ‘video production’ during initial stages of your SEO process as long tail specific keywords such as ‘video production melbourne’ will have lower search count compared to a broad generic keyword ‘video production’ and this will help your site gain momentum with initial search engine rankings. You can also move a step further and can attach other words to your primary keywords making them more specific, like for an example above, we can add a keyword ‘corporate video production’ or ‘corporate video production melbourne’, if your Melbourne based video production company specializes in corporate video production.

While performing keyword research using long tail phrases, you should bear in mind that you are not optimizing your site or web page for search engine rankings but for the potential customer who may be interested in your services or products.

The figure below will surely help you understand the benefits of using specific keywords and then gradually shifting to generic keywords.

keyword research

For more information on Keyword research or any other SEO Services contact me at [email protected]

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23 Jul

Hiring an SEO Company? Wait and Read this first!

Posted in Hiring SEO Company, Internet Marketing, SEO on 23.07.13 by Merlyn

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an important process for the promotion of any business these days. Business owners have changes their perspective about SEO and now it forms an integral part of their marketing plan unlike 10 years back when SEO was considered just an option. According to a survey, while shopping for a product or services 73% of consumers rely on search engines to find the sources which can be used for shopping. So getting your site on top search engine rankings for right keywords becomes an essential task.


It therefore becomes important for you to hire a company who can perform effective SEO for your business creating a positive awareness of your brand. SEO is an investment and all of us expect returns on our investment, hiring a wrong company or inappropriate SEO person can make you pay heavily.

Here are some tips for hiring an SEO:

1. Do complete research about the company, services provided, and experiences in various markets. You can get the details of any company buy simply performing a Google search.

2. Get the list of success stories of the company and verify them through various sources, the best way is to get in touch with the previous customers of the company.

3. Never ever rely on phone calls or any other verbal communication; always insist on documentation of each and every conversation.

4. Communicate your requirements clearly and make sure that the company representative completely understands your point of view.

5. It is good to hire a company who had worked under your niche for their past projects; similarly looking for your local market experience will also help.

6. Companies may give you lowest price in the market, however that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will provide you best services, look for quality work.

7. Get your home work done to negotiate for prices and the services offered such as number of links, pages to be optimized for that price.

Ultimately, your online promotion depends on the company you decide to go with, make sure your business is in safe hands.
For more information on choosing right SEO Company, contact me at [email protected]

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22 Jul

Why is mobile website important?

Posted in Mobile marketing on 22.07.13 by Merlyn

A survey shows that around 30% of the traffic of an affiliate business is generated through a mobile website of company. It is estimated that there will be a substantial growth in the traffic generation through mobile website in 2014. See the info below.

It is therefore important to have a mobile website or your business, however having a website is not only enough, it is important to follow some basic rules while designing a mobile website so as to make it an investment for you and friendly for a user. Here are some tips:

  1. Cut the content: Rule is simple, less space; less content, mobile website cannot be an internet page describing your business in detail, which is the job of your main website. Mobile website serves as a ready reference for purchase to your customer.
  2. Reduce File sizes: I am not sure if you are aware, but file size and site loading time has become an important factor when we analyze websites which are not mobile site, so imagine how important it is to have a faster loading for a mobile website where the user have lesser time and slower connection. I know your phone is the latest generation phone with 5G or may be 8G; however a phone can never be as fast as desktop, so it becomes important to reduce your file size to accommodate it in any phone.
  3. Call to Action: A mobile website with this feature and particularly “click to call” is very user friendly as it allows customer a hassle free experience to talk to a company representative of the business.
  4. Shorter forms are better: The message is self explanatory, longer the forms on your mobile website, less are the chances for you to get the data. People are not interested in filling up a lengthy form on a normal website, forget about mobile website. Make sure to capture just the required information and finish.

So basically, your mobile website should be short, simple and user friendly. For more information on optimization of mobile website contact me at [email protected]

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19 Jul

How to reach wider audience and create brand awareness by Blogging

Posted in Internet Marketing, SEO on 19.07.13 by Merlyn


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14 Jul

How was Social Media born and evolved

Posted in Internet Marketing on 14.07.13 by Merlyn


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13 Jul

Content Marketing- Emerging SEO

Posted in Internet Marketing, SEO on 13.07.13 by Merlyn


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12 Jul

Relevancy or Uniqueness: What to Focus?

Posted in Internet Marketing, SEO on 12.07.13 by Merlyn

Often during our discussions on Online Marketing and Content marketing, we come across the word ‘unique’, it is always said that the content, be it tweet, update or blog post for that matter must be unique, must be new and all of us nod our heads in agreement, but is it really that important, can unique but irrelevant content get you the popularity and the customers? Time to think again!

I came across the tweets of two different companies want to send the same message to their followers, check out the examples below,

First one says:

‘Whoaa, we are happy to announce the launch of new software on social media tracing, check it out at the link’

Whereas the second one with the same product makes an announcement as follows:

‘Need to know the number of visits on your Facebook page? Check out our new software at the link’

For an average online user like you or me, launch of a new software by any company does not make much difference, however it is important for us to know how is it going to affect our life, the improvement we can get from product launch of company on our existing practices.

This is where relevancy comes in to picture; the message should be relevant to the followers making them understand the benefits of their product.

Do not completely forget about uniqueness, however focus on relevancy of your product, you will surely get the unique content since you are creator of your product and nobody except you is aware of the benefits your product can provide to its users.

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