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24 Apr

Basic Techniques for Video Optimization

Posted in Video Optimization on 24.04.10 by Merlyn

Video hosting websites like YouTube, Metacafe, break etc. are no longer just a server to store videos but they are now a powerful marketing tool. Images and videos have always fascinated visitors and if you want to make any product popular, posting a video on it is a very good option. According to Alexa, YouTube is the third most popular website in the world after Google and Facebook. So putting a well organized video on this website can really enhance your marketing campaign.

Posting video is now done almost by all the marketing firms. But not all of them are able to draw potential traffic to their website. The only reason is that they never care about video optimization. Optimizing a video generally means that making the video for the right audience. There are few things which should be considered while making the video.

Content of the video:

Try to be original and create interesting videos. Starting a video with an ad of your company is not advisable. Try to start with the topic you want to discuss. For example if you are making video for a toy manufacturing company, starting a video with small cute kids playing with toys is a better option. Many video makers give the URL of the company continuously throughout the video. This is not good as the audience can easily understand this as a marketing campaign rather than a message.

Video Length:
If you go through the most popular videos of YouTube, you will find that most of them are of maximum 3 minutes. This is because your videos should have enough content to force the audience to go through it till it lasts. So put a small and eventful video with enough information in it.

Video Resolution:
In the earlier days when video uploading was a hectic job, it was rare to find a high resolution video on internet. But because of the advancement in internet you should upload high resolution videos as it can attract many interested people. If you do not want to make a very high size video, you can use slides to make the video to reduce the size.

Advertise your product:
Add your domain name or the product when the video lasts. But do not try to steal the show by advertising a product different from the theme of the video. You can add your contact details like phone number, email id at last to get potential customers.

Optimize your account:
In order to post videos on any server, you will need to create an account first. Try to use your brand/domain name as the account name. Also while creating the profile of your account use the use the details of your company such that you can sound like a brand ambassador of the company. Using correct theme in your profile is also important.

Video search results:

YouTube, MetaCafe etc has their internal search engines to bring viewers the video they want. This search engine works on the title, description, tags of the video. Also other factors like number of views, rating etc helps a video to rank at top in result pages.

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18 Apr

Various internet marketing advertising methods

Posted in Internet Marketing on 18.04.10 by Merlyn

According to a research, internet marketing investment will take over all other traditional mode of advertising in next few years. But still many are unaware for the most relevant method of this marketing. Most popular internet marketing techniques:

  1. Banners – It is a graphical web advertising unit, typically measuring 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall (i.e. 468×60).
  2. Skycrapers ads– Skyscraper ads are tall or very tall ads with heights often ranging from 500 to 800 pixels and widths often ranging from 120 to 160 pixels.
  3. Advergames – Advergaming is the practice of using video games to advertise a product, organization or viewpoint
  4. Video ads & audio ads – These are now a day very popular method of advertising. People are placing their videos on video servers like Youtube, Metacafe etc. These videos generally contain information of the product the merchant is selling along with the companies’ advertisement at the end.

According to a survey, there is a common trend among the popularity of these major internet marketing methods. Some internet marketing experts were asked about their opinion on various marketing options. The opinion has been presented in the following table which shows a range of value from “very positive” to “very negative”.

Internet Marketing Trends

So it is quite clear from the available stats that Banner ads are the most popular form of ads among internet marketing experts.

But there is still an issue regarding these banners as the correct placement of these banners is very important for high CTR. According to a survey:

  • Ads closer to the center of the page tend to perform better.
  • Ads above the fold tend to perform better than those below the fold.
  • Studies show that ads placed at the end of articles tend to do well, even though they’re below the fold.
  • Ads placed near site navigation or by images or other rich content tend to do well, too.

Banner Placement

So carefully placing an add banner on a website can really be helpful. According to Mr. Margaret Holland who is a senior account manager at Yahoo, the best performing banner ad size is the large rectangle, 336×280.

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05 Apr

Google page rank update in 2010

Posted in Google Updates on 05.04.10 by Merlyn

Google has updated its page rank across World Wide Web on April 3, 2010. This again alarmed the webmasters across the world. Many pages have seen a sudden raise in its PR but there are very few websites who’s PR has increased with a very high figure. With the inclusion of caffeine in Google’s search algorithm, webmasters were worried as they predicted that the Caffeine may also bring changes in PR calculation algorithm. But this was not the case as most of them got PR as they expected. But before the PR updates most of the webmasters were unaware of this update. Many of them predicted the update to be around in May 2010, but the exact time was a mystery to everyone. If you are a frequent reader of Matt Cutt’s blog, you can get some idea about any changes which Google has made or is planning to make in its search algorithm. In the same way you can also predict the exact period of PR update. Google has become very smart and it’s last two PR update was done on holidays (last update on 31st December 2009 which was a Christmas holiday and the last one on 3rd April which was a Ester holiday). According to some blogs, the schedule of PR update in 2010 has already been decided by Google and the schedule is:

1) April 2010

2) July 2010

3) October 2010

Though these predictions are not confirmed by Google yet one can trust them with small variation of about 15 to 20 days. So any webmaster who is unhappy as his or her PR was not updated on 3rd April 2010 can work to aim the July update. Though till now there is no update by Google in its PR calculation algorithm but you can expect some changes in the July update. So for webmasters it is necessary to follow the Caffeine algorithm as it is sure that the update will be very much oriented towards Caffeine.

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