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17 Feb

Tips for Landing Page Designing and Optimization

Posted in SEO on 17.02.10 by Merlyn

Designing a proper landing page is very important for a website. Whether you run PPC or you are getting traffic from organic search, you should look to optimize or design your landing page in a proper manner. Some tips for a perfect landing page are as follows:

  • Try to know about the type of your potential customer

A little demographic research about the visitors of your website can really be very helpful. Try to figure out what your visitor is looking for. Build a profile of your ideal visitor and keeping their profile in mind try to design your landing page. Generally broad pages prove a failure. Most of the website has their home pages optimized. But you should take care of your landing page as this will provide the face of your website to the visitors.

  • Properly know your goal

At the time of designing your landing page, know your final goal. For a newsletter landing page, the conversion activity is entering of email address by the visitor into the space provided and then clicking “Accept.”

  • Eliminate unnecessary Elements

Always remember that distractions kill conversions. So adding irrelevant information to your landing page should be strictly avoided. Providing ads on your landing page can be very fatal as it can carry away your potential customer

  • Match the message you provide in ad

The landing page and the message you provided in the ad used by the user to reach there should match. Try to use the theme of your page at the top of the page which can be seen immediately after the page loads. The easiest way to clue visitors in that they have arrived at the right place is to use the heading from your ad creative.

If your landing page has a high bounce rate then it is clear that there is a need to completely revamp your design. Try to explain the theme of your website or your goal in the first fold of your webpage. This will make sure that the visitor remains there as the reason of his coming is properly explained.

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10 Feb

Google joins twitter to make real time search a reality

Posted in Google Updates on 10.02.10 by Merlyn

Organic rankings are always the cheapest and the best way to bring people to a website. This is the dream of every SEO expert to place his or her website on top of major search engine result pages. But most of them always wonder how to achieve this goal in conjunction with the ever changing algorithm of major search engines and competitive market. The traditional methods used by most of the SEOs are not enough in such a cut throat competition and in the light of tough search engines algorithm, it is difficult to adjust to each and every new changes.

One of the recent developments in SEO is that Google has decided to introduce real time search in its algorithm. This means that a user will be given more informed search results when he searches for a keyword. One of the recent developments in this field is that Google has made some sort of contract with social media marketing giant Twitter. This deal is about the form search in twitter. This deal is the step taken by Google after Bing made a contract with Facebook which has almost 6 times more visitors than twitter. According to this deal, twitter will provide information to Google to incorporate more and more real time data. Earlier Google too on there side increased the frequency of crawling a webpage.

The deal though is just the first step in bringing more and more real time search, but will surely start a new domain in this field. SEO experts will have to look at these social media sites more precisely. They always have proved very useful but with these new deals, they can change the whole face of website optimization techniques. Also real time search is helpful to end customers as he can expect to get exact, accurate and updated data. So more faith in organic search results will grow among end users.

Hence it is the right time to switch towards these methods of optimization. Building a large campaign on social media sites can not only help you bring potential customers but will also help you get good SERP which is the ultimate goal of every SEO expert.

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