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31 Jan

PPC tricks for better results

Posted in Pay Per Click on 31.01.10 by Merlyn

Lead generation is not a big deal but converting most of your visitors to customers is a major issue. It is said by many experts that if your site has a bounce rate of less than 20% or the visitor to customer rate is more than 25% then your optimization techniques are on the right path. But how many sites are there who achieve these stats? There are rare sites achieving these figures. Especially the problem comes with PPC i.e. Pay Per Click. Companies are investing huge amount in PPC campaigns, but the output is rarely positive. Here are some basic points to be considered while designing your PPC campaign:

1)    One of the most important points to consider before designing your PPC campaign is your keyword research. Keywords are the prime source of any search in the search engines, hence, until and unless you know which keyword to target in the add, it will be very difficult to place your add.
2)    Try to add you contact details like web address and contact number in the add. This can save your money as people can directly visit your website using the URL instead of clicking the link.

3)    It is very important to properly design the landing page of your add. For example, if your add is about selling toys and your landing page is the home page of your website which sells many products including toys, then that is not an intelligent decision. Your landing page in this situation should be the final apply page where payment should be made.
It is not only about placing your PPC ads on number of keywords, but the way you design your add also matters a lot. Many a times you will end up in having impressions of your add but you will have very less clicks. This can be averted using proper ad designing methods.

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23 Jan

Best keyword positions for SEO

Posted in SEO on 23.01.10 by Merlyn

It is always said that for SEO, keyword research is very important. Properly knowing the keyword to be targeted helps in optimizing your website. But this is not enough as one should also know where in a webpage the keywords should be placed. Search engines gives great importance to proper use of keywords but to get the maximum benefit out of it you should also know where to position these keywords. Here are some points regarding the proper placement of keyword in a webpage:

  1. Try to use each of your keyword in the title used in pages. Search engines especially Google gives great importance to header tags so try to use your keywords in each of the title used in the page. Apart from increasing the keyword density, this also helps in increasing the effectiveness of the keyword as the title is given more importance than normal text.
  2. First paragraph of your web page – Be sure to include your most important keyword in the first paragraph of your webpage. After the launch of Caffeine many SEO experts are suggesting the use of your most important keyword in the first fifty words of your webpage text. This ensures that the website is focusing on that particular keyword. Also the same keyword if used more than once should be uniformly distributed. Using them in same paragraph many times can be considered as an attempt of spamming.
  3. Google gives great importance to the tune or the theme of the website. It is very important that you use the keywords in such a way that it defines the theme of your website. Also try not to use words like “we” or “our” in sentence using your keyword. Search engines can consider this as an attempt of spamming.

Properly using keyword in your webpage can really be very useful in SERP. So a deep research should be made if you want to get the maximum benefit of these keywords.

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19 Jan

How to get natural backlinks

Posted in Link Building on 19.01.10 by Merlyn

One of the most important criteria in the success of any SEO campaign is the quality and the good number of backlinks that the site has. The inbound links plays a vital role in deciding the position of a website in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The process of getting quality backlinks is very tedious but really worth as major search engines consider them as important parameter in deciding the value of a website. Paid text links is a very easy way of getting natural backlinks. Many webmasters offer paid listing on their websites. But you should know that search engines now-a-days are smart enough to detect these paid listings. Search engine giant Google gives very less preference to links present in the footer or on the right hand side of the page. So you should concentrate on natural link building process. Articles syndication and distribution of press releases are very good way to get one-way quality backlinks as well as exposing your website to the interested customers. Some useful resources regarding achieving quality backlinks are:

1) Article Syndication

Creating quality articles and submitting them to quality article directories is one of the best ways to get good quality one-way backlinks. This can also be useful to attract interested customers to your website if the quality of the article is good. Some prominence article directories are as follows:

Directory name        PR
a) – 6
b) – 6
c) – 3
d) – 6
e) – 5
f) – 7
g) – 5
h) – 4

The above mentioned article directories are good as they not only provide quality one-way backlinks, but also you can expect some visitors from these websites.

2) Press Release submission

If you have launched any new feature on your website or if your website is now working on a new vertical, then submitting a press release is the best option to tell the whole world about it. This is a quick, fast and efficient way to spread your new feature on internet. There are many websites which are expert in making a press release. Some high quality press release websites are:

Website                PR
a) – 5
b) – 5
c) – 7
d) – 7

These are paid sites and needs heavy amount to distribute your news across internet. Apart from this there are some good websites who accept press releases free of cost. Some of these websites are:

Website            PR
a) – 6
b) – 5
c) – 4
d) – 5

Apart from these there are some more high quality free press release submission sites whose list can be found by searching on search engines. If the press release is really worth news and the quality is good. Then you can expect a good exposure from these websites. They can provide your website instant visibility and are great for spreading your company message across the web.

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16 Jan

Google Analytics and its Basic Features

Posted in Google Analytics on 16.01.10 by Merlyn

Google Analytics is no doubt the best analytics tool available online. The most important feature is that it is absolutely free. Using this tool one can track both paid as well as unpaid (organic) traffic to a website. But still it is not used effectively used by many webmasters as they are unaware about the features available in it. Here are some of the basic features present in Google Analytics:

  1. Visitor Tracking: This features enables a webmaster to track all the visitor’s related stats like total number of visits, unique visits, page-views, average time on site, browsers used, loyalty, bounce rate and many more features. All these features enable a webmaster to know the nature of a visitor. Also using the feature like bounce rate, we can get the idea about the pages from where most of the visitors are leaving the site.
  2. Traffic Source: This feature is used to know about the source from where the visitor visited the source. These sources can be search engine (both organic traffic and paid traffic), direct traffic (traffic to your website by visitors who typed direct URL or have bookmarked the website) or the referring sites (through sites where you have your websites banner or text ads).
  3. Goals: Goal tracking is a very important feature provided by Google Analytics. Using this we can exactly know how many of the visitors to our website finally converted to customers. For example, suppose you are having a website selling kids toys. Then you can set up a goal to find the total number of visitors who reached the thank you page. This page will come after the payment is completed. Also you can set up funnel which will track the whole process of a visitor coming to the thank you page. So by tracking the funnel steps, you can very well find the pages from which the visitors are leaving the website. Using this stats you can redesign the problem pages and this will help in increasing your leads or goal conversion.
  4. Content: Content tells a webmaster about the various content present on your website like the top visiting pages, the landing pages, exit pages, the navigation summary etc. this can make you decide the nature of content needed for your website.
  5. Event Tracking: Event tracking is not used by all the websites. It really matters when you have some additional link like videos, audios, special buttons etc on your webpage. You can track the exact visitors’ behavior on these special features like how many visitors clicks on them and what is the frequency of the click.
  6. Filters: Filters are very useful and is used to customize the data given by Google Analytics. If any specific data is needed then you can use the filters to obtain the data needed by you. This helps to know about any specific target and you can get customized report about this filtered data.

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13 Jan

Press Release: Do’s and Don’ts

Posted in Press Release on 13.01.10 by Merlyn

Press releases are sort of newsworthy articles that are published in the media by an organization for the purpose of showcasing major event or its special activities to the public. The special activities can be launching a new product, making major changes in the working methodology, introducing some offers to the consumers etc. But this effort of announcing an event can go into vain, if you are unaware of the correct methodology of writing the press release. The following are some points to be considered while writing a press release:

  1. The title or the headline of the press release should be brief, comprehensive and attention fetching.
  2. The release should be newsworthy. Just submitting a release for the sake of getting backlinks is never advisable.
  3. If you are using sub-headings, it should be concise as well as in relation with your press release title. Never try to give more than one information in a single press release.
  4. The opening paragraph is very important for a press release and should summarize the most important information of your press release.
  5. Always write press release in a third party perspective. Statements about the special event from higher officials and spoke persons in the company should be quoted.
  6. Try not to spam the release by including more links in the release. Ideally no links should be included in the release and the contact details should be included in the release for interested audience to contact the company personally. But from SEO perspective, you can expect backlinks from the release. So a maximum of 1 link in the release is advisable.
  7. Never try to put outrageous claims in your release. This can go negative for the company as you may use potential customers who are aware with the product.
  8. Try to use your company logo and trademark in the press release. This will help in brand building for your company.
  9. Give your full contact information in the release. This is useful in the sense that the potential customer can contact you directly if they are interested in your activity.

If submitted properly, a press release can be really beneficial for the company to get noticed in the eyes of potential customers as well as popular news hubs. A professional press release writer should be contacted for the purpose, as it can really matter in your search engine optimization campaign.

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08 Jan

Google Caffeine updates for SEO experts

Posted in Google Updates on 08.01.10 by Merlyn

Google new search algorithm Caffeine is ready to be launched. Some of the data centers have been updated with the new algorithm. But no one knows clearly when all 50 acres of their massive servers will be fully updated with Caffeine. According to Matt Cutt, Google was to be fully launched after end of holidays. So the time has arrived for major changes in SERP’s. Most of the SEO experts and webmasters are unaware of Caffeine algorithm. According to a survey, almost 8 out of 10 websites are not prepared for Caffeine. The major reason is the lack of proper knowledge. Some basic points which this new algorithm will cover are given below:

1) Content matters a lot – Content has always been great importance in search engine’s algorithm. This trend is going to get important and for Caffeine content should be relevant to a site’s core theme or the product. Putting the major keyword in the first few words of your website can really play an important role. The tune of the website should be singe and websites targeting more than 1 keyword or theme may get a back seat in new algorithm.

2) Site/page download time – The time for the website to upload fully has been a parameter in Google’s algorithm. But now Caffeine will give more importance to this point. Many web pages fail to fulfill these criteria even though they have very much relevant content. Google’s Caffeine will be strict to these websites this time and will not hesitate to throw them back in SERP.

3) Site or domain age not a big factor – In the earlier algorithm, site domain age was considered as an important factor in deciding SERP. But this point will be less important in the new algorithm. So even if you have a new website and have relevant information, you can provide good competition to your competitors.

4) Real Time Social Media Searches: Caffeine will add a new dimension to Social Media Marketing. It will start ‘Real Time’ social media search results and the will increase emphasis on Social Media Marketing and strategy. So promotions on social media sites like Twitter and other newsworthy blogs can really help a website in getting good SERP ranking.

No one is actually sure how much the new algorithm is going to chance the search engine scenario. But it is for sure that SEO experts should be ready to make changes in their optimization techniques if they have to retain their positions or get good position when Caffeine is fully launched.

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04 Jan

Convergence optimization-Some reasons for low convergence

Posted in Google Updates on 04.01.10 by Merlyn

It generally happens that the rate of increase and the number of visitors is much higher than the rate of increase in conversions. It is frustrating for a website owner. There are probably many reasons why your website is not able to convert visitors into leads. Most of the SEO experts target performing well in search engines and never care about the quality of visitors. There are some errors which SEO experts generally do. Knowing them can really make the conversion rate increase to some extent:

The Ad should be more focused

Most of the advertisements are focused on the clicks. These ads should be present on relevant websites. For example, placing add of a toy selling website on a medical site can bring you traffic. But this act can never bring quality traffic to your website. So the add should be placed on sites which are either doing your job or somewhat similar to yours. Similarly while designing PPC care should be taken to use only relevant keywords. If your site appears on sponsored links for non-relevant keywords then it is a real wastage of money as well as your hard work.

Provide your customers with options

You should always know that the product you are selling will always have very competition in market. There will be many website will be selling the item. An intelligent customer will first look for all the offers in front of him. So giving some attractive offers can really be useful to retain the customer. Giving coupons on coupon hosting site is a better option. Similarly offers like rebate on bulk buying are also a better choice. Customers should be convinced that the product you offer is best in among the available.

Present yourself as a responsible website

You should always target at retaining the customers. A person who buys a toy from your website and finds it effective enough will surely return back to your website. So the service provided to him should be good enough to convince that you are a respectable website. Options like book marking etc. should be present on the website so that it becomes easy for a customer to return back when he needs. Similarly newsletters should be sent to existing customers at regular intervals to retain them. Hence the service you provide at the first visit will really decide whether the customer is going to come back to the website again or not.

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