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30 Dec

Pay Per Click – PPC – An Introduction

Posted in Pay Per Click on 30.12.09 by Merlyn

PPC or pay per click is a method of advertising in which the advertising company puts its text Ad, banner or other method of advertising on the website and pays to the website for every click that is made. The amount to be paid varies and is dependent upon various factors. The most important of them is the popularity of the website on which the ad has been placed.

Other major factors include the popularity of the keyword for which the advertisement is being done. If the keyword is very popular then the competition will be very high. So the advertiser will charge very high for this type of popular keywords. Major Websites which does PPC are popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Other than these, Facebook is also getting popular as a PPC hosting destination. Google as well other search engines charge the advertising company on a bid basis i.e. the advertising company will bid for the position of their ad.

Mostly the highest bid will be placed on top of the search or the best Ad with highest Quality Score and maximum number of clicks will get the top position. The PPC advertisement can be seen on Google on the right hand side of search result page as sponsored results.
PPC is getting popularity as the investment on paid search can be really worth if the advertisement campaign is designed in a smart manner. The website which is appearing in the organic search results as well as sponsored results is having higher chances of getting click on their PPC campaign. So SEO mixed with PPC is much more worth as compared to only running PPC campaign. Also the keyword selection is very important for running PPC as the ad should be present only for the keywords which your site targets for. Using irrelevant keywords can be a loss as you may expect low quality traffic for such keywords.

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26 Dec

The mystery of Google Page Rank

Posted in Google Updates on 26.12.09 by Merlyn

Page rank algorithm used by Google is to measure the importance of a web page. This importance is relative to the other similar web pages on internet. Lets say there are two websites ‘A’ and ‘B’ both selling toys for kids. Site ‘A’ has a page rank ‘0’ whereas site ‘B’ has a page rank of ‘2’. Then one can conclude that site ‘B’ is better than site ‘A’ in what they are doing i.e. selling child toys.

The page rank ranges from 0 to 10. Page rank of 0 means that the site is either new or is not properly maintained. More high the page rank is better the site is with respect to its competitors. A page rank of 10 is very rare and is generally given to websites which has a very high commitment towards users. Some government sites, institutional sites etc. has attained this landmark. Page rank is generally updated by Google in a non uniform interval. Sometimes the update is done in a span of a month whereas there have been situations where it took about 4 months for Google to update its page rank. Some sites even have no page rank information available. This means that either the page has not been cached by Google or the page is a new one and was published after Google updated the page rank.

The algorithm used by Google to update page rank is still a mystery. But there is a huge importance to backlinks in page rank building. If a website has backlinks from high PR sites then there is a huge chance that its page rank will be very high. Also what matters here is relevancy. So backlinks from sites doing same work what you are doing can be a great advantage for you in page rank building. The relevancy of anchor text used to et these backlinks also matters a lot for getting PR. The keyword or phrase used to get the backlink should be properly researched. It would be best if you use your primary keyword as anchor text.

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20 Dec

Some Insights of Convergence Optimization

Posted in Google Updates on 20.12.09 by Merlyn

There was a time when if a website ranked high in search engine result pages, mainly SEO services provided to the website were considered to be a success. But later on slowly the target moved to the traffic. Even if a website rank high in search engine result pages but do not get enough traffic, the efforts tken by the SEO experts were not sufficient. In the current scenario the focus has further moved on good quality traffic from simple traffic. Hence now the number of visitors coming to the website does not really matter a lot. What matters is the number of quality visitors who get converted into your potential customer. The type of SEO activities which helps in converting visitors into potential customers is termed as “Convergence Optimization“.

Many webmasters still think that organic traffic is free traffic and increase in the number determines success for SEO efforts. But this believe needs a slight modification as the success should really be counted if you are able to maintain the leads by visits ratio i.e. suppose if the number of visits to a website increases from 2000 to 3000 in the time span of a month. The number of leads or quality customers to the website increased from 100 to 125. The leads by visits ratio for these two scenarios are respectively 5% and 4.16%. So we can see that the number of visits to the website has increased but proportionally the number of leads or potential customers has not increased.

This is where convergence optimization comes into play. A real expert SEO professional knows how to increase the number of leads along with increasing the number of visitors. A constant effort in improving the quality of the website can be an important factor in convergence optimization. You should build enough resources on your website to keep the visitors busy. Using flash videos, opinion polls etc are some of the trusted techniques to do so. Apart from this brand building also plays an important role in convergence optimization. If your website is popular interested people will automatically come to your website.

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18 Dec

PPC or SEO – Which is better?

Posted in Google Updates on 18.12.09 by Merlyn

PPC (Pay per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are the two different and most important forms of Internet Marketing. All the online marketers have different opinion on which type of marketing techniques to use. Some of them aggressively go for PPC as it is a good option to keep a website on top page of the major search engines for desired keywords, while SEO is a long term process and takes some time, say months to make a website perform well in search engine results page.

Some basic properties of the two marketing strategies are given below:

PPC: Traffic comes through users or visitors clicking on an advertisement. Every time a click is made, the owner has to pay for it. The position where an ad is placed is decided by the bidding process. For a particular keyword depending upon the bidding the advertisements are arranged with highest bidder mostly at the top position or the Ad which is performing well. All major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. has this feature of keeping sponsored ads.

SEO: Various factors which are taken into account by search engines for placing a website in top positions for a keyword can be altered to meet the requirements of search engines. These activities come under SEO techniques. If compared to PPC, SEO is a long term process and for a new website it can take months to rank well on search results. The factors that can be changed include the site content, the actual coding of a site and the inbound links which point to any page of the website.

Whatever is the marketing technique used by a website, but it should be made clear that the ultimate goal is to gain potential customers. PPC is an expensive deal and really needs good capital supply to sustain good position. On the other hand, SEO is a slow process but can really be more fruitful. You do not have to pay anything to search engines to rank you on top position. So if you word hard initially in a well planned manner along with a good SEO services provider, it can really be fruitful to you in future.

Many experts have an opinion that if we run PPC campaign on search engines, their organic rankings also increase, This issue is always a topic of debate between experts, but its a fact that if a website has good organic rankings on search engines then running a PPC campaign is dual advantage for the website to impress visitors.

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13 Dec

Google BLOOP

Posted in Google Updates on 13.12.09 by Merlyn

A Google BLOOP (Backlink Over Optimization Penalty) is a result of some poor SEO services provided. It is called as a penalty because Google gets strict with a website if it found doing any anti SEO activities. These activities can include a very aggressive link building campaign used by a SEO expert.

Building too many backlinks in a very short time or using the same or similar anchor text terms in all of the links is also a reason for Google’s BLOOP. These types of activities give an impression that the website might be using spamming techniques to perform well in the search rankings. Other factors include the use of same or similar sort of IP address for websites promotion. It gives an impression to Google that special promotion activities are being carried out by SEO experts rather than improving the quality of website.

If a website is found as a culprit of BLOOP, Google punishes it by causing significant link devaluation and major loss in Google search rankings. If the effect is severe then in some cases all the webpages of the website can be affected. Google considers excessive backlink manipulation as an attempt to artificially raise the rankings of a website.

To solve a BLOOP problem, a website needs to contact good SEO services provider. Some of the steps needed to get out of BLOOP is the use of different anchor text (or keyword phrases) in link building campaign. Try to get some backlinks from a trusted site. If the site has .edu or .gov extension, then it is an added advantage. A step by step use of proper SEO techniques is what needed to get rid of such a state.

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13 Dec

The Controversial Google Sandbox

Posted in Google Updates on 13.12.09 by Merlyn

In around March 2004, Google introduced a new filter to provide a more transparent SERP (Search Engine Result Page) to the users. This filter is termed as “The Sandbox”. But it took months for experts to notice and comment on it. The sandbox which is also sometimes termed as “aging delay” is basically the Google’s theory that no new website will get good ranking unless they prove themselves.

Two aging delays have been suggested by Google, one for link weight, and the other one for competitive term ranking. So if a keyword has high competition there is a great chance that a new website (even if it doing very well) have to wait for some time before Google displays it its result pages. This was done mainly to save users from any type of internet fraud. In fact not only Google, but even other major search engines like Yahoo have sandbox concept. Though it is not proved but experts say that the Yahoo sandbox is smaller than that of Google. It takes around 4 weeks for yahoo to boost a website in its search results. On the other hand, Google can take around 3 months for this.

This sandbox concept was introduced by Google to stop the problem of spamming. Spammers can generate thousands of new web-pages everyday, along with many new links on them. So if a website is new and even if it generates new links by using proper white hat SEO services, it may have to wait for few months before Google starts considering these new  links for ranking the website better. Though this problem does not exists for old or trusted websites. There links are immediately taken into account by Google.

If a new website wants to get out of this sandbox in no time, then there are two methods they can follow to do this. First one is to join Google’s Ad Words or Adsense program. If approved it is sure that Google will give preference to its partner and in few days the website can list in search results. The second method is to buy an old domain, just for it’s longevity, and old backlinks Google will consider it as a trusted domain and will surely keep out of sandbox.

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10 Dec

Google’s New Algorithm – Caffeine

Posted in Google Updates on 10.12.09 by Merlyn

Since last few months there is a very hot topic of discussion among SEO experts. The topic is about Google’s new search algorithm “Caffeine”. Experts say that the new algorithm will largely effect the next generation of search engine rankings.

There are many other important factors that will be emphasized by Google in their new search algorithm. But the most important of them is content uniqueness, relevancy of content with the website etc. Content uniqueness is even now an important Google search parameter but it will get more importance in the new algorithm. Many webmasters are using negative SEO techniques by copying entirely or partly the content of one website to another. And the search giant – Google is going to be very strict on this issue. The obvious solution to this important issue is that you should have unique and relevant content for each page of your website.

The other important factor will be the relevancy of a website. For example, a site selling toys should have content that supports the topic. The targeted keywords of the website pages should be used more smartly to maintain a balance between relevancy and spamming. Too much use of keywords can really be fatal and the website can even be banned. Similarly a very less use of it might not fully convince Google about the relevancy of the website. So a tough time ahead for webmasters and SEO services. Also the anchor text used in backlinks will play a vital role here. This also plays a great role in deciding the relevancy of a website. To continue with the example, if you need an anchor text for your toy selling website, it is better to use related keywords like “toys for kids” or “baby toys” instead of using some other non relevant keywords. Apart from these major factors there are many other factors that may be given more importance than they currently get. This includes more weight on exact match domain names, proper use of keywords in title tag and keyword density.

So it is just a wait and watch game. No one actually knows clearly what the algorithm will be focusing on. It’s just a prediction that the algorithm may give more importance to above-mentioned factors. The impact of actual algorithm will be clear only when caffeine will be launched after Christmas holidays as Google has decided to give a chance to website owners and SEO industry people to celebrate Christmas vacations before this algorithm update.

Wish you all a merry Christmas and very happy new year!

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08 Dec

Overview of Convergence Optimization

Posted in SEO on 08.12.09 by Merlyn

The main aim of every Internet marketers is to get the best quality traffic to their websites to ensure better ROI for their efforts and overall expenses. To achieve this prime objective, they employ one of the most important methods of “convergence optimization”. In the recent times online business has seen a major revamp. As a result many big vendors have shown interest in it. All are focusing to optimize their website to get more and more quality traffic which basically a traffic which has interest in business the website is doing. SEO services now a day focus on factors which not only aim at bringing high traffic to a website, but also the traffic which can be a potential customer of the website. Some basic points to consider to for convergence optimization are as follows:

1)    It is very important to focus on targeted keywords. Focusing on a particular topic will help you getting the attention of the search engines. This will give you top position in SERP. At this position you can expect good quality traffic to your website.

2)    Give ample amount of time in SEO. If you think that the site is not performing well for a particular keyword, it is better to look for other keywords. This can be done by making keyword research. Other marketing techniques should be also carried out with SEO as they can really affect the market of the product.

3)    If you reach top position for a particular keyword, do not expect sudden increase in good quality traffic to the site. This is because at top positions you need to develop some confidence among visitors. This can only be achieved if your site stays at top position for some time.

4)    Go for brand building. This is very important as a good brand will be getting direct traffic from users. Such users are the potential customers to the website as they know that for getting the product they need, your site is one of the best.

The basic SEO tips for convergence optimization are easy to apply. It only requires you to spend some time in keyword research and phrases which best fits your website. After this a regular work in SEO will make you a great success in online venture.

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06 Dec

Some high ranking tips for a website

Posted in SEO on 06.12.09 by Merlyn

1) Use your primary keyword or keyword phrase in anchor text of links. This is considered as a very important parameter for Google for ranking. When search engine bots find these anchor text, it follows the link to the website. If the theme of the website is as same the anchor text, then be assured to get the maximum benefit of using the anchor text.

2) Ask other good websites to link your page. If any good (high PR) site is having a link to your website then this is a very important parameter taken into consideration by search engines for ranking a website.

3) Try to get inbound links from sites similar to yours. Getting incoming links from a reputable site is good. But getting links from similar sites is a far better option. Even if the site is not having a high PR, it does not matter a lot if there work domain is same as yours.

4) Try to get backlinks from .edu, and .gov websites. Generally .edu or .gov site is given more importance by search engines as these sites are generally government or educational sites. So if you have an inbound link from any one such websites, then it is really good for a top search engine ranking.

5) Have as much create on your site as you can. In terms of SEO, it is said that content is king. So have as much relevant content on your webpage as possible. Search engines cannot read images and flash videos. These are just a medium to impress visitors. So in order to impress these search engines, you have to use content in your webpages. The major keywords should be used effectively and should be uniformly distributed throughout the page. These keywords should be highlighted so that it catches the eye of the visitors as well as search engine bots.

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