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30 Sep

What role does Meta description play in SEO?

Posted in SEO on 30.09.13 by Merlyn

I am an Onpage SEO Specialist by heart, this does not mean that I do not perform Offpage SEO, however the way I enjoy working Onpage SEO cannot compete with the Offpage SEO methods. Anyways, while performing Onpage SEO, the optimization of Meta description plays very important role for effective site optimization.

Meta Description defines the way your search engine results are displayed. It is advisable to keep the Meta description of the page short. Specialists recommend it to be around 50 words altogether, this makes your search engine listing clean and readable.

Making Meta description short should not compromise with the completeness of the information. Your Meta description for every page of the site should completely define the page with all the important keywords being present.

While adding keywords to Meta description one should be aware that important keywords should be placed at the beginning making them recognizable on search engines, the marketing language used in Meta description should be such that it should tempt the visitor to click the result and visit your site.

Detailed research and trials are suggested here so that the Meta description is clear, concise, rich in keywords and compelling for the visitor.

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