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13 Dec

The Controversial Google Sandbox

Posted in Google Updates on 13.12.09 by Merlyn

In around March 2004, Google introduced a new filter to provide a more transparent SERP (Search Engine Result Page) to the users. This filter is termed as “The Sandbox”. But it took months for experts to notice and comment on it. The sandbox which is also sometimes termed as “aging delay” is basically the Google’s theory that no new website will get good ranking unless they prove themselves.

Two aging delays have been suggested by Google, one for link weight, and the other one for competitive term ranking. So if a keyword has high competition there is a great chance that a new website (even if it doing very well) have to wait for some time before Google displays it its result pages. This was done mainly to save users from any type of internet fraud. In fact not only Google, but even other major search engines like Yahoo have sandbox concept. Though it is not proved but experts say that the Yahoo sandbox is smaller than that of Google. It takes around 4 weeks for yahoo to boost a website in its search results. On the other hand, Google can take around 3 months for this.

This sandbox concept was introduced by Google to stop the problem of spamming. Spammers can generate thousands of new web-pages everyday, along with many new links on them. So if a website is new and even if it generates new links by using proper white hat SEO services, it may have to wait for few months before Google starts considering these new  links for ranking the website better. Though this problem does not exists for old or trusted websites. There links are immediately taken into account by Google.

If a new website wants to get out of this sandbox in no time, then there are two methods they can follow to do this. First one is to join Google’s Ad Words or Adsense program. If approved it is sure that Google will give preference to its partner and in few days the website can list in search results. The second method is to buy an old domain, just for it’s longevity, and old backlinks Google will consider it as a trusted domain and will surely keep out of sandbox.

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