Reputation Management: One of the Key roles of SEO

7th January, 2013 - Posted by Nidhika D - 1 Comment

It feels great writing after such a long time, the incident occurred to me about last month ago and the challenges we faced with the client and the website made me write this post. December 2012, I was relieved as it was after 4 years that I planned for a full Christmas vacation, ready to […] Read More

Choosing a Domain Name

30th March, 2011 - Posted by Nidhika D - 8 Comments

I still remember when I was working with a client and had suggested him to change the domain name of his site from his brand name to its main keyword as a part of my SEO recommendation. The client was not happily ready for this suggestion and therefore moved further to other SEO specialists within […] Read More

Google joins twitter to make real time search a reality

10th February, 2010 - Posted by Nidhika D - 1 Comment

Organic search is so far the cheapest and the best way to bring people to a website. This is the dream of every SEO expert to place his or her website on top of search engine result page. But most of them wonder how to achieve this goal? This is basically because the traditional method used by most SEO’s is not enough in the world of tough competition and in the light of tough search engines algorithm, it is difficult to adjust to each and every new changes. Read More

Some Insights of Convergence Optimization

20th December, 2009 - Posted by Nidhika D - No Comments

Convergence Optimization helps in converting visitors into potential customers. The number of leads should increase along with the increase of the number of visitors. Read More