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05 Apr

Google page rank update in 2010

Posted in Google Updates on 05.04.10 by Merlyn

Google has updated its page rank across World Wide Web on April 3, 2010. This again alarmed the webmasters across the world. Many pages have seen a sudden raise in its PR but there are very few websites who’s PR has increased with a very high figure. With the inclusion of caffeine in Google’s search algorithm, webmasters were worried as they predicted that the Caffeine may also bring changes in PR calculation algorithm. But this was not the case as most of them got PR as they expected. But before the PR updates most of the webmasters were unaware of this update. Many of them predicted the update to be around in May 2010, but the exact time was a mystery to everyone. If you are a frequent reader of Matt Cutt’s blog, you can get some idea about any changes which Google has made or is planning to make in its search algorithm. In the same way you can also predict the exact period of PR update. Google has become very smart and it’s last two PR update was done on holidays (last update on 31st December 2009 which was a Christmas holiday and the last one on 3rd April which was a Ester holiday). According to some blogs, the schedule of PR update in 2010 has already been decided by Google and the schedule is:

1) April 2010

2) July 2010

3) October 2010

Though these predictions are not confirmed by Google yet one can trust them with small variation of about 15 to 20 days. So any webmaster who is unhappy as his or her PR was not updated on 3rd April 2010 can work to aim the July update. Though till now there is no update by Google in its PR calculation algorithm but you can expect some changes in the July update. So for webmasters it is necessary to follow the Caffeine algorithm as it is sure that the update will be very much oriented towards Caffeine.

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26 Dec

The mystery of Google Page Rank

Posted in Google Updates on 26.12.09 by Merlyn

Page rank algorithm used by Google is to measure the importance of a web page. This importance is relative to the other similar web pages on internet. Lets say there are two websites ‘A’ and ‘B’ both selling toys for kids. Site ‘A’ has a page rank ‘0’ whereas site ‘B’ has a page rank of ‘2’. Then one can conclude that site ‘B’ is better than site ‘A’ in what they are doing i.e. selling child toys.

The page rank ranges from 0 to 10. Page rank of 0 means that the site is either new or is not properly maintained. More high the page rank is better the site is with respect to its competitors. A page rank of 10 is very rare and is generally given to websites which has a very high commitment towards users. Some government sites, institutional sites etc. has attained this landmark. Page rank is generally updated by Google in a non uniform interval. Sometimes the update is done in a span of a month whereas there have been situations where it took about 4 months for Google to update its page rank. Some sites even have no page rank information available. This means that either the page has not been cached by Google or the page is a new one and was published after Google updated the page rank.

The algorithm used by Google to update page rank is still a mystery. But there is a huge importance to backlinks in page rank building. If a website has backlinks from high PR sites then there is a huge chance that its page rank will be very high. Also what matters here is relevancy. So backlinks from sites doing same work what you are doing can be a great advantage for you in page rank building. The relevancy of anchor text used to et these backlinks also matters a lot for getting PR. The keyword or phrase used to get the backlink should be properly researched. It would be best if you use your primary keyword as anchor text.

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