Long Tail Keywords and PPC

9th May, 2010 - Posted by Nidhika D - 2 Comments

To run a successful PPC campaign to get the most out of the investment, it is very important to understand the target market. Long tail keywords are very useful in getting more and more clicks from quality visitors. Read More

PPC tricks for better results

31st January, 2010 - Posted by Nidhika D - No Comments

Lead generation is not a big deal but converting most of your visitors to customers is a major issue. It is said by many experts that if your site has a bounce rate of less than 20% or the visitor to customer rate is more than 25% then your optimization techniques are on the right path. But how many sites are there who achieve these stats? There are rare sites achieving these figures. Especially the problem comes with PPC i.e. Pay Per Click. Companies are investing huge amount in PPC campaigns, but the output is rarely positive. Read More