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30 Mar

Choosing a Domain Name

Posted in Internet Marketing, SEO on 30.03.11 by Merlyn

I still remember when I was working with a client and had suggested him to change the domain name of his site from his brand name to its main keyword as a part of my SEO recommendation. The client was not happily ready for this suggestion and therefore moved further to other SEO specialists within forums and groups to seek second opinion on my recommendation. To my surprise, 99 % of his fellow group members supported my recommendation which made me to write this post and share some points to be remembered of while choosing a new domain.

Domains with your main keyword in it are the best domains if available as they will help the higher rankings of your site earlier compared to others. Also an important point which should be noted is that the keyword should be at the start of new domain e.g. if your main keyword is ‘dog food’, then your domain name can be or and so on instead of or

Avoid using misspellings domain as search engines are smart enough to get you caught using misspellings for your domains. Similarly use of hyphens or dash in your domain is less useful as it rarely helps you with the increase in ranking over the continuous keyword. Moreover the hyphen cannot be spoken off easily and thus do not help in brand development.

Keep the length of your domain as short as possible unless you get your most powerful keyword in long domain name.

Try to get .com domain names over .org and .net, the preference should be as .com followed by .org followed by .net, try to get global domain by paying little extra instead of country specific domains unless your services are restricted to a particular country.

Get a domain which is easily memorable over the domain name which cannot be understood.

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