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20 Dec

Some Insights of Convergence Optimization

Posted in Google Updates on 20.12.09 by Merlyn

There was a time when if a website ranked high in search engine result pages, mainly SEO services provided to the website were considered to be a success. But later on slowly the target moved to the traffic. Even if a website rank high in search engine result pages but do not get enough traffic, the efforts tken by the SEO experts were not sufficient. In the current scenario the focus has further moved on good quality traffic from simple traffic. Hence now the number of visitors coming to the website does not really matter a lot. What matters is the number of quality visitors who get converted into your potential customer. The type of SEO activities which helps in converting visitors into potential customers is termed as “Convergence Optimization“.

Many webmasters still think that organic traffic is free traffic and increase in the number determines success for SEO efforts. But this believe needs a slight modification as the success should really be counted if you are able to maintain the leads by visits ratio i.e. suppose if the number of visits to a website increases from 2000 to 3000 in the time span of a month. The number of leads or quality customers to the website increased from 100 to 125. The leads by visits ratio for these two scenarios are respectively 5% and 4.16%. So we can see that the number of visits to the website has increased but proportionally the number of leads or potential customers has not increased.

This is where convergence optimization comes into play. A real expert SEO professional knows how to increase the number of leads along with increasing the number of visitors. A constant effort in improving the quality of the website can be an important factor in convergence optimization. You should build enough resources on your website to keep the visitors busy. Using flash videos, opinion polls etc are some of the trusted techniques to do so. Apart from this brand building also plays an important role in convergence optimization. If your website is popular interested people will automatically come to your website.

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