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06 Dec

Some high ranking tips for a website

Posted in SEO on 06.12.09 by Merlyn

1) Use your primary keyword or keyword phrase in anchor text of links. This is considered as a very important parameter for Google for ranking. When search engine bots find these anchor text, it follows the link to the website. If the theme of the website is as same the anchor text, then be assured to get the maximum benefit of using the anchor text.

2) Ask other good websites to link your page. If any good (high PR) site is having a link to your website then this is a very important parameter taken into consideration by search engines for ranking a website.

3) Try to get inbound links from sites similar to yours. Getting incoming links from a reputable site is good. But getting links from similar sites is a far better option. Even if the site is not having a high PR, it does not matter a lot if there work domain is same as yours.

4) Try to get backlinks from .edu, and .gov websites. Generally .edu or .gov site is given more importance by search engines as these sites are generally government or educational sites. So if you have an inbound link from any one such websites, then it is really good for a top search engine ranking.

5) Have as much create on your site as you can. In terms of SEO, it is said that content is king. So have as much relevant content on your webpage as possible. Search engines cannot read images and flash videos. These are just a medium to impress visitors. So in order to impress these search engines, you have to use content in your webpages. The major keywords should be used effectively and should be uniformly distributed throughout the page. These keywords should be highlighted so that it catches the eye of the visitors as well as search engine bots.

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