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13 Jan

Press Release: Do’s and Don’ts

Posted in Press Release on 13.01.10 by Merlyn

Press releases are sort of newsworthy articles that are published in the media by an organization for the purpose of showcasing major event or its special activities to the public. The special activities can be launching a new product, making major changes in the working methodology, introducing some offers to the consumers etc. But this effort of announcing an event can go into vain, if you are unaware of the correct methodology of writing the press release. The following are some points to be considered while writing a press release:

  1. The title or the headline of the press release should be brief, comprehensive and attention fetching.
  2. The release should be newsworthy. Just submitting a release for the sake of getting backlinks is never advisable.
  3. If you are using sub-headings, it should be concise as well as in relation with your press release title. Never try to give more than one information in a single press release.
  4. The opening paragraph is very important for a press release and should summarize the most important information of your press release.
  5. Always write press release in a third party perspective. Statements about the special event from higher officials and spoke persons in the company should be quoted.
  6. Try not to spam the release by including more links in the release. Ideally no links should be included in the release and the contact details should be included in the release for interested audience to contact the company personally. But from SEO perspective, you can expect backlinks from the release. So a maximum of 1 link in the release is advisable.
  7. Never try to put outrageous claims in your release. This can go negative for the company as you may use potential customers who are aware with the product.
  8. Try to use your company logo and trademark in the press release. This will help in brand building for your company.
  9. Give your full contact information in the release. This is useful in the sense that the potential customer can contact you directly if they are interested in your activity.

If submitted properly, a press release can be really beneficial for the company to get noticed in the eyes of potential customers as well as popular news hubs. A professional press release writer should be contacted for the purpose, as it can really matter in your search engine optimization campaign.

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