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18 Dec

PPC or SEO – Which is better?

Posted in Google Updates on 18.12.09 by Merlyn

PPC (Pay per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are the two different and most important forms of Internet Marketing. All the online marketers have different opinion on which type of marketing techniques to use. Some of them aggressively go for PPC as it is a good option to keep a website on top page of the major search engines for desired keywords, while SEO is a long term process and takes some time, say months to make a website perform well in search engine results page.

Some basic properties of the two marketing strategies are given below:

PPC: Traffic comes through users or visitors clicking on an advertisement. Every time a click is made, the owner has to pay for it. The position where an ad is placed is decided by the bidding process. For a particular keyword depending upon the bidding the advertisements are arranged with highest bidder mostly at the top position or the Ad which is performing well. All major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. has this feature of keeping sponsored ads.

SEO: Various factors which are taken into account by search engines for placing a website in top positions for a keyword can be altered to meet the requirements of search engines. These activities come under SEO techniques. If compared to PPC, SEO is a long term process and for a new website it can take months to rank well on search results. The factors that can be changed include the site content, the actual coding of a site and the inbound links which point to any page of the website.

Whatever is the marketing technique used by a website, but it should be made clear that the ultimate goal is to gain potential customers. PPC is an expensive deal and really needs good capital supply to sustain good position. On the other hand, SEO is a slow process but can really be more fruitful. You do not have to pay anything to search engines to rank you on top position. So if you word hard initially in a well planned manner along with a good SEO services provider, it can really be fruitful to you in future.

Many experts have an opinion that if we run PPC campaign on search engines, their organic rankings also increase, This issue is always a topic of debate between experts, but its a fact that if a website has good organic rankings on search engines then running a PPC campaign is dual advantage for the website to impress visitors.

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