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30 Dec

Pay Per Click – PPC – An Introduction

Posted in Pay Per Click on 30.12.09 by Merlyn

PPC or pay per click is a method of advertising in which the advertising company puts its text Ad, banner or other method of advertising on the website and pays to the website for every click that is made. The amount to be paid varies and is dependent upon various factors. The most important of them is the popularity of the website on which the ad has been placed.

Other major factors include the popularity of the keyword for which the advertisement is being done. If the keyword is very popular then the competition will be very high. So the advertiser will charge very high for this type of popular keywords. Major Websites which does PPC are popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Other than these, Facebook is also getting popular as a PPC hosting destination. Google as well other search engines charge the advertising company on a bid basis i.e. the advertising company will bid for the position of their ad.

Mostly the highest bid will be placed on top of the search or the best Ad with highest Quality Score and maximum number of clicks will get the top position. The PPC advertisement can be seen on Google on the right hand side of search result page as sponsored results.
PPC is getting popularity as the investment on paid search can be really worth if the advertisement campaign is designed in a smart manner. The website which is appearing in the organic search results as well as sponsored results is having higher chances of getting click on their PPC campaign. So SEO mixed with PPC is much more worth as compared to only running PPC campaign. Also the keyword selection is very important for running PPC as the ad should be present only for the keywords which your site targets for. Using irrelevant keywords can be a loss as you may expect low quality traffic for such keywords.

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