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23 Nov

On-Page Optimization Tips

Posted in SEO on 23.11.09 by Merlyn

On-page optimization plays an important role in ranking a website in major SERPs. Its involvement starts right from selecting a proper domain name, page names, title, Meta description & Meta keyword creation, content optimization, etc. On page has equivalent value as compared to off-page and it can really affect your search engine positions. Some important tips regarding on-page optimization are given below:

1. The Title tag plays a very important role in defining the value of a site. Google considers it as a very important parameter to create its SERP (Search Engine Result Page). An ideal title should be 65 characters or less. Though there is no limitation in the size of title, but it is wastage to have a long title as most of the search engines do not cache more than 65 characters. The title of a website can be seen in result pages with the search keywords being highlighted. So a perfect keyword research should be done before designing the title. This will assure a better position in search engines.

2. Search engines other than Google give great importance to meta description and meta keywords. Google does not consider in its search algorithm. So in order to rank well in other search engines, it is important to design a well planned and informative description. Though this information is not visible to viewers, but search engine bots while crawling go through them. The size of description should be 160 characters or less.

3. Try to use all your targeted keywords in title. The priority goes to first word and so on. So use your major keywords first followed by secondary ones. Also do not repeat keywords in title. This can make search engines assume that you are trying to spam your website and can even ban you.

4. The targeted keywords should be uniformly distributed in the body of webpage. HTML tags like header tags and bold tags should be used in the content part. The phrase or words in header tags are given more preference than normal text. Similarly keywords should be bolded in pages such that it catches eye of the viewer. It is also taken into account by the search engines. But care should be taken as too much of highlighting the primary keywords or phrase can be declared as spamming and can go against you.

5. Most important of all above mentioned points is the quality of website. How much informative your website is for viewers coming there. Is it just a promotional site or it has all information related to the keyword it is targeting? Also search engine bots cannot read flash and images. But it does not mean that you should give only text content in your webpage. Visual effects like images and videos attract people’s attraction. So it should be there in proper proportion. In order to make it usable for search engines, it is advisable to give alt text for these visuals. This alt text is used by search engines as an alternative to the visual effects.

6. The search engines start reading a webpage from left hand top corner. So using your primary keyword at this part is a very nice way to tell these search engine bots that your site is really aiming at the keyword.
Some knowledge and some research can really help a website as far as on-page optimization is considered. So a well planned and active SEO services should be hired to do it as it can play a major role in SEO.

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