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09 Jul

Is Mobile Optimization Hyped?

Posted in Mobile marketing, SEO on 09.07.15 by Merlyn

Research suggests that more than half of the customers who check out products on mobile wants to purchase within an hour and more than 80% wants to purchase within a day, so no doubt, that making your website mobile friendly has become need of the hour. However there comes a speculation that with such an increase in mobile users, do we really have proportional decrease in number of desktop users.

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According to the comScore report, mobile search has definitely increased from Q3 2013 to Q4 2013, however there has not been tremendous decrease in desktop users, the data clearly explains that although we have more number of smart phone users, we do have users who uses all the mobile searches in addition to desktop searches and definitely mobile search has grown but not at the expense of Desktop searches.

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It is still equally important to optimize site for desktop searches along with optimization for mobile searches.

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