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07 Jul

Importance of Blog

Posted in Internet Marketing, Link Building, SEO on 07.07.10 by Merlyn

While looking for an online presence for our business, we are normally confused to start a website or a blog. I would suggest having a website with a blog. Marketing a site to reach target audiences is much easier with your blog than your site, however sites are useful since it is site which elaborates your services and products to customers. Let us discuss some advantages of having a blog with the website.

Content updates: Search engines visits your webpage every time you add fresh content to your page.  It is not always possible to add fresh content on your website, blogs plays very important role here, continuous addition of content attracts target visitor along with search engine spiders and thus increasing a chance of lead for your business.

Your ideas expressed: Your write up exhibits your personality to the readers and thus making your visitors aware of your ideas and business plans making yourself understand clearly to your target audiences.

Search engine rankings: It has been observed that a blog or a website with a blog ranks faster on search engines when compared with a site alone. You can also perform viral marketing easily with your blog making it reachable to more visitors online and thus increasing your chance of business leads.

The content on the blog can be posted anywhere on the web and hence increasing the popularity of the site via social networking, social bookmarking, article exchange etc.

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  1. Mukesh says:

    Quite informative post about blog. Blogs are very important nowadays to make online money to spread information.