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23 Jul

Hiring an SEO Company? Wait and Read this first!

Posted in Hiring SEO Company, Internet Marketing, SEO on 23.07.13 by Merlyn

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an important process for the promotion of any business these days. Business owners have changes their perspective about SEO and now it forms an integral part of their marketing plan unlike 10 years back when SEO was considered just an option. According to a survey, while shopping for a product or services 73% of consumers rely on search engines to find the sources which can be used for shopping. So getting your site on top search engine rankings for right keywords becomes an essential task.


It therefore becomes important for you to hire a company who can perform effective SEO for your business creating a positive awareness of your brand. SEO is an investment and all of us expect returns on our investment, hiring a wrong company or inappropriate SEO person can make you pay heavily.

Here are some tips for hiring an SEO:

1. Do complete research about the company, services provided, and experiences in various markets. You can get the details of any company buy simply performing a Google search.

2. Get the list of success stories of the company and verify them through various sources, the best way is to get in touch with the previous customers of the company.

3. Never ever rely on phone calls or any other verbal communication; always insist on documentation of each and every conversation.

4. Communicate your requirements clearly and make sure that the company representative completely understands your point of view.

5. It is good to hire a company who had worked under your niche for their past projects; similarly looking for your local market experience will also help.

6. Companies may give you lowest price in the market, however that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will provide you best services, look for quality work.

7. Get your home work done to negotiate for prices and the services offered such as number of links, pages to be optimized for that price.

Ultimately, your online promotion depends on the company you decide to go with, make sure your business is in safe hands.
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  1. Mona says:

    Great post! SEO has become an important process for the promotion of any business these days. Today it is important to hire a SEO company.