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10 Dec

Google’s New Algorithm – Caffeine

Posted in Google Updates on 10.12.09 by Merlyn

Since last few months there is a very hot topic of discussion among SEO experts. The topic is about Google’s new search algorithm “Caffeine”. Experts say that the new algorithm will largely effect the next generation of search engine rankings.

There are many other important factors that will be emphasized by Google in their new search algorithm. But the most important of them is content uniqueness, relevancy of content with the website etc. Content uniqueness is even now an important Google search parameter but it will get more importance in the new algorithm. Many webmasters are using negative SEO techniques by copying entirely or partly the content of one website to another. And the search giant – Google is going to be very strict on this issue. The obvious solution to this important issue is that you should have unique and relevant content for each page of your website.

The other important factor will be the relevancy of a website. For example, a site selling toys should have content that supports the topic. The targeted keywords of the website pages should be used more smartly to maintain a balance between relevancy and spamming. Too much use of keywords can really be fatal and the website can even be banned. Similarly a very less use of it might not fully convince Google about the relevancy of the website. So a tough time ahead for webmasters and SEO services. Also the anchor text used in backlinks will play a vital role here. This also plays a great role in deciding the relevancy of a website. To continue with the example, if you need an anchor text for your toy selling website, it is better to use related keywords like “toys for kids” or “baby toys” instead of using some other non relevant keywords. Apart from these major factors there are many other factors that may be given more importance than they currently get. This includes more weight on exact match domain names, proper use of keywords in title tag and keyword density.

So it is just a wait and watch game. No one actually knows clearly what the algorithm will be focusing on. It’s just a prediction that the algorithm may give more importance to above-mentioned factors. The impact of actual algorithm will be clear only when caffeine will be launched after Christmas holidays as Google has decided to give a chance to website owners and SEO industry people to celebrate Christmas vacations before this algorithm update.

Wish you all a merry Christmas and very happy new year!

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