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08 Jan

Google Caffeine updates for SEO experts

Posted in Google Updates on 08.01.10 by Merlyn

Google new search algorithm Caffeine is ready to be launched. Some of the data centers have been updated with the new algorithm. But no one knows clearly when all 50 acres of their massive servers will be fully updated with Caffeine. According to Matt Cutt, Google was to be fully launched after end of holidays. So the time has arrived for major changes in SERP’s. Most of the SEO experts and webmasters are unaware of Caffeine algorithm. According to a survey, almost 8 out of 10 websites are not prepared for Caffeine. The major reason is the lack of proper knowledge. Some basic points which this new algorithm will cover are given below:

1) Content matters a lot – Content has always been great importance in search engine’s algorithm. This trend is going to get important and for Caffeine content should be relevant to a site’s core theme or the product. Putting the major keyword in the first few words of your website can really play an important role. The tune of the website should be singe and websites targeting more than 1 keyword or theme may get a back seat in new algorithm.

2) Site/page download time – The time for the website to upload fully has been a parameter in Google’s algorithm. But now Caffeine will give more importance to this point. Many web pages fail to fulfill these criteria even though they have very much relevant content. Google’s Caffeine will be strict to these websites this time and will not hesitate to throw them back in SERP.

3) Site or domain age not a big factor – In the earlier algorithm, site domain age was considered as an important factor in deciding SERP. But this point will be less important in the new algorithm. So even if you have a new website and have relevant information, you can provide good competition to your competitors.

4) Real Time Social Media Searches: Caffeine will add a new dimension to Social Media Marketing. It will start ‘Real Time’ social media search results and the will increase emphasis on Social Media Marketing and strategy. So promotions on social media sites like Twitter and other newsworthy blogs can really help a website in getting good SERP ranking.

No one is actually sure how much the new algorithm is going to chance the search engine scenario. But it is for sure that SEO experts should be ready to make changes in their optimization techniques if they have to retain their positions or get good position when Caffeine is fully launched.

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  1. clay says:

    So do we know for sure when it will be fully inplace? Will we be able to tell immediately?

    1. Hugh Conteras says:

      Really clean internet site, thanks for this post.