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16 Jan

Google Analytics and its Basic Features

Posted in Google Analytics on 16.01.10 by Merlyn

Google Analytics is no doubt the best analytics tool available online. The most important feature is that it is absolutely free. Using this tool one can track both paid as well as unpaid (organic) traffic to a website. But still it is not used effectively used by many webmasters as they are unaware about the features available in it. Here are some of the basic features present in Google Analytics:

  1. Visitor Tracking: This features enables a webmaster to track all the visitor’s related stats like total number of visits, unique visits, page-views, average time on site, browsers used, loyalty, bounce rate and many more features. All these features enable a webmaster to know the nature of a visitor. Also using the feature like bounce rate, we can get the idea about the pages from where most of the visitors are leaving the site.
  2. Traffic Source: This feature is used to know about the source from where the visitor visited the source. These sources can be search engine (both organic traffic and paid traffic), direct traffic (traffic to your website by visitors who typed direct URL or have bookmarked the website) or the referring sites (through sites where you have your websites banner or text ads).
  3. Goals: Goal tracking is a very important feature provided by Google Analytics. Using this we can exactly know how many of the visitors to our website finally converted to customers. For example, suppose you are having a website selling kids toys. Then you can set up a goal to find the total number of visitors who reached the thank you page. This page will come after the payment is completed. Also you can set up funnel which will track the whole process of a visitor coming to the thank you page. So by tracking the funnel steps, you can very well find the pages from which the visitors are leaving the website. Using this stats you can redesign the problem pages and this will help in increasing your leads or goal conversion.
  4. Content: Content tells a webmaster about the various content present on your website like the top visiting pages, the landing pages, exit pages, the navigation summary etc. this can make you decide the nature of content needed for your website.
  5. Event Tracking: Event tracking is not used by all the websites. It really matters when you have some additional link like videos, audios, special buttons etc on your webpage. You can track the exact visitors’ behavior on these special features like how many visitors clicks on them and what is the frequency of the click.
  6. Filters: Filters are very useful and is used to customize the data given by Google Analytics. If any specific data is needed then you can use the filters to obtain the data needed by you. This helps to know about any specific target and you can get customized report about this filtered data.

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