Google Yourself

14th January, 2014 - Posted by Nidhika D - No Comments

<div class=’visually_embed’><img class=’visually_embed_infographic’ src=’’ alt=’Google Yourself’ /><div class=’visually_embed_cycle’><span>by </span><a target=’_blank’ href=’’>JBukovski</a>. <br/>Explore more <a href=’’>infographics</a> like this one on the web’s largest information design community – <a href=’’>Visually</a>.</div><script type=’text/javascript’ src=’′ class=’visually_embed_script’ id=’visually_embed_script_101892′></script></div> A classic info-graphic on what Google knows about you. The survey is conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project and it […] Read More

Flight Search by Google

13th January, 2014 - Posted by Nidhika D - No Comments

Flight search is another good feature by Google. Flight search by Google enable users to compare flight details especially prices by various airlines at a given point of time. It was started by Google exclusively for US airlines to perform trip planning and gained enormous value to purchase multiple tickets. It also enables you to […] Read More

Content Marketing- Keep it Original and Relevant

4th April, 2013 - Posted by Nidhika D - 3 Comments

As they say, content is King, yes true, content is King, With recent and periodic updates from Google and other search engines, we have become really careful with the type of content we write and publish on Internet. Content we post on Internet say a lot about us, our company and our work ethics, Researches […] Read More

Google page rank update in 2010

5th April, 2010 - Posted by Nidhika D - No Comments

Google has updated its page rank across World Wide Web on April 3, 2010. This again alarmed the webmasters across the world. Many pages have seen a sudden raise in its PR but there are very few websites who’s PR has increased with a very high figure. With Read More

Google joins twitter to make real time search a reality

10th February, 2010 - Posted by Nidhika D - 1 Comment

Organic search is so far the cheapest and the best way to bring people to a website. This is the dream of every SEO expert to place his or her website on top of search engine result page. But most of them wonder how to achieve this goal? This is basically because the traditional method used by most SEO’s is not enough in the world of tough competition and in the light of tough search engines algorithm, it is difficult to adjust to each and every new changes. Read More

Google Caffeine updates for SEO experts

8th January, 2010 - Posted by Nidhika D - 2 Comments

Google new search algorithm Caffeine is ready to be launched. Some of the data centers have been updated with the new algorithm. But no one knows clearly when all 50 acres of their massive servers will be fully updated with Caffeine. According to Matt Cutt, Google was to be fully launched after end of holidays. […] Read More

Convergence optimization-Some reasons for low convergence

4th January, 2010 - Posted by Nidhika D - No Comments

The rate of increase and the number of visitors is higher than the rate of increase in conversions. Knowing important reasons of non-conversion of visitors into leads can really make the conversion rate increase. Read More

The mystery of Google Page Rank

26th December, 2009 - Posted by Nidhika D - 1 Comment

Google’s page rank algorithm is designed to measure the importance of a web page which is relative to other similar web pages. Increase in page rank is hugely depend upon the high quality back links. Read More

Some Insights of Convergence Optimization

20th December, 2009 - Posted by Nidhika D - No Comments

Convergence Optimization helps in converting visitors into potential customers. The number of leads should increase along with the increase of the number of visitors. Read More

PPC or SEO – Which is better?

18th December, 2009 - Posted by Nidhika D - No Comments

Running costly PPC campaign for instant results or depend on slow SEO for long lasting results to get maximum visitors. Read More

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