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23 Jan

Best keyword positions for SEO

Posted in SEO on 23.01.10 by Merlyn

It is always said that for SEO, keyword research is very important. Properly knowing the keyword to be targeted helps in optimizing your website. But this is not enough as one should also know where in a webpage the keywords should be placed. Search engines gives great importance to proper use of keywords but to get the maximum benefit out of it you should also know where to position these keywords. Here are some points regarding the proper placement of keyword in a webpage:

  1. Try to use each of your keyword in the title used in pages. Search engines especially Google gives great importance to header tags so try to use your keywords in each of the title used in the page. Apart from increasing the keyword density, this also helps in increasing the effectiveness of the keyword as the title is given more importance than normal text.
  2. First paragraph of your web page – Be sure to include your most important keyword in the first paragraph of your webpage. After the launch of Caffeine many SEO experts are suggesting the use of your most important keyword in the first fifty words of your webpage text. This ensures that the website is focusing on that particular keyword. Also the same keyword if used more than once should be uniformly distributed. Using them in same paragraph many times can be considered as an attempt of spamming.
  3. Google gives great importance to the tune or the theme of the website. It is very important that you use the keywords in such a way that it defines the theme of your website. Also try not to use words like “we” or “our” in sentence using your keyword. Search engines can consider this as an attempt of spamming.

Properly using keyword in your webpage can really be very useful in SERP. So a deep research should be made if you want to get the maximum benefit of these keywords.

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