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24 Apr

Basic Techniques for Video Optimization

Posted in Video Optimization on 24.04.10 by Merlyn

Video hosting websites like YouTube, Metacafe, break etc. are no longer just a server to store videos but they are now a powerful marketing tool. Images and videos have always fascinated visitors and if you want to make any product popular, posting a video on it is a very good option. According to Alexa, YouTube is the third most popular website in the world after Google and Facebook. So putting a well organized video on this website can really enhance your marketing campaign.

Posting video is now done almost by all the marketing firms. But not all of them are able to draw potential traffic to their website. The only reason is that they never care about video optimization. Optimizing a video generally means that making the video for the right audience. There are few things which should be considered while making the video.

Content of the video:

Try to be original and create interesting videos. Starting a video with an ad of your company is not advisable. Try to start with the topic you want to discuss. For example if you are making video for a toy manufacturing company, starting a video with small cute kids playing with toys is a better option. Many video makers give the URL of the company continuously throughout the video. This is not good as the audience can easily understand this as a marketing campaign rather than a message.

Video Length:
If you go through the most popular videos of YouTube, you will find that most of them are of maximum 3 minutes. This is because your videos should have enough content to force the audience to go through it till it lasts. So put a small and eventful video with enough information in it.

Video Resolution:
In the earlier days when video uploading was a hectic job, it was rare to find a high resolution video on internet. But because of the advancement in internet you should upload high resolution videos as it can attract many interested people. If you do not want to make a very high size video, you can use slides to make the video to reduce the size.

Advertise your product:
Add your domain name or the product when the video lasts. But do not try to steal the show by advertising a product different from the theme of the video. You can add your contact details like phone number, email id at last to get potential customers.

Optimize your account:
In order to post videos on any server, you will need to create an account first. Try to use your brand/domain name as the account name. Also while creating the profile of your account use the use the details of your company such that you can sound like a brand ambassador of the company. Using correct theme in your profile is also important.

Video search results:

YouTube, MetaCafe etc has their internal search engines to bring viewers the video they want. This search engine works on the title, description, tags of the video. Also other factors like number of views, rating etc helps a video to rank at top in result pages.

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  1. Pooja says:

    Video optimization is very necessary to grab audience. These are really great ways to optimize video. Youtube is great platform to optimize video.